HTC Tattoo Video Overview By Arne


Look who got their hands on the HTC Tattoo – Arne from TheUnwired! He put together a quick video overview of the device for your viewing pleasure but we can’t embed it… so you’ll have to visit their site to check it out (you’re killin’ us Arne!).


I love how he pronounces it “tuh-two” (seriously, I do) but its just a name and plus, I am only bilingual in my dreams so who am I to judge.

On to the juicy stuff – a few notes on the vid:

  • Fixed focus camera but quality isn’t bad
  • 3.5mm headset jack and FM radio makes us happy
  • 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen is stylus friendly (but don’t ask him if it makes sense)

The screen, camera and a few other specs make the Tattoo a bit of a dumbed down Android Phone but to achieve a budget price, which is the idea here, you’ve got to cut out some of the perks you might be used to having but won’t miss too much. That doesn’t mean YOU personally won’t miss them – but this phone will certainly have a market.

He also illustrates taking off the back cover, front cover and lower mouth piece cover which should mean that customizing the shell of the phone will be easy. Whether HTC offers various casings or its done by a 3rd party, I would expect it.

Good stuff Arne, keep the Android goodies coming!

[Via TheUnwired]

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  1. I love this phone, because it makes my G1 look marvelous.

  2. Get this to be free with contract and I think it could be a hit.

    I do enjoy that android phones are starting to target multiple market niches. One of the issues with the iphone, and Apple in general, is they tend to target just the upper part of the overall electronics market.

    Of course this will all be rather pointless if Apple ever makes an iphone that is free with contract.

  3. Cool, a phone with a resistive touch screen! An healthy alternative to the capacitive touch screen which rules out EVERYONE with disabilities requiring use of prosthetic hands. A choice Apple has carelessly ignored with their one size fits all iPhone despite repeated attempts to offer them awareness of shortcomings with their limited product offerings. Thank you LG! Now let’s hope US carriers will carry the alternative.

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