The Best Cell Phone Is…


(do not scroll to the comments, it will spoil the surprise!)

CNET just had their “expert” cell phone guy Kent German do a video of the BEST 5 Cellphones. Not top value. Not most popular. THE BEST. I want you to guess where Android is on this list of the Top 5. Then I want you to watch the video.

Here is a hint…

#5 – Palm Pre
#4 – BlackBerry Curve
#3 – iPhone 3GS
#2 – Samsung Memoir
#1 – (whaddaya think?)

Now please leave a comment saying what I WANTED to say in the article, but didn’t so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise.


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  1. HORSESHIT!!!!

  2. WTF????¡¡¡

  3. #1 Motorola Sholes + Motorola Cliq ftw

  4. whatttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

  5. Eat lunch from my shorts!

  6. Anyone with an android phone knows this is not true!!!

  7. You want to help out those of us without access to the video?

  8. Double U

    For those without access. LG Env Touch….

  9. The LG enV Touch. Because that what doesn’t cripple your phone is not called Verizon.

  10. The only Android phones that they could use for that lineup were the myTouch and the G1. They only review US products that have been released on the market, and the more polished Android phones are still upcoming for the US market. T-mobile isn’t known in the US for its quality networks. I’m not really surprised.

  11. the cheek!
    jealous perverts, the lot of them

  12. both #1 and #2 have no wifi.

    i’m crossing my fingers the new memoir has wifi and UMA.

    maybe i’ll be even luckier and a new android will surface with UMA.

    ATT just made a setup where all 3-g phones they have can call over broadband at home.

    why can’t an android do it?

  13. This is why I don’t frequent CNET anymore. They really do just make stuff up out of their arse.

    And what do folk really mean when they say “best UI”. The UI of the OS components themselves are normally pretty minimal. The apps that you install can have any sort of UI they want.

    And finally the only two phones on the list worthy of competing with a G1 or MyTough were the IPhone and Pre. My wife has a BlackBerry and daily wishes she had at least gotten a G1 or waited for other Android phones. She hates it.

  14. Wow! That was the worst TOP 5 I’ve ever seen…I’m android biased, but still the #1 fun is dogsh#!.

  15. Seriously how does any single phone with no Wifi make this list? If the 3GS is so good, wouldn’t the 3G bump a non-wifi phone off?

  16. That’s Tom Merritt from the BuzzOutLoud team, not Kent. However, that does not excuse the crap that comes out of his mouth.

  17. hhhh serously man serously

  18. cnet does get sponsorships from companies, so i wouldn’t be very surprised if that was the reason this was such bull-shiz

  19. Wooooooowwwww. I’m not by ANY means an iPhone phan, but if the G1 isn’t even going to be on the list, I would say that iPhone 3GS should have gotten the #1 spot for sure! (Put any Android phone on the list though, and the #1 spot would be taken in an instant of course)

  20. Come on guys…it’s CNET. It’s the only company that might be more pro-Apple than apple. For pete’s sake the prize for answering the question right was an iPhone case. They pan or pay no attention to anything that is really an iphone competitor, so in some fashion or other not being on the list is really a testament to how awesome Android is. If it was not considered a threat to their precious iPhone then it would be on the list…like the Pre.

  21. Fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuu………… CNET
    And if you didn’t hear me duck you

  22. I’ve had the impression for a while that CNET were anti android. dunno why. I think the mytouch is a great, solid android example.

  23. CNET is such a worthless piece of crap. Clueless.

  24. I even feel bad for the iPhone for being on the list and getting surpassed by that crappy Env

  25. I just lost all respect for Cnet, come on memoir? LG!?!?!?!

  26. Wow, if no android phone, then the Iphone 3gs should be the top phone….he did say best PHONE…not service. so you can’t punish the Iphone because of AT&T….

    That list is a joke. LG EV….come on…

  27. CNET reviews have always been garbage. I wouldn’t bother w/ them, EVER. If you want reviews checkout Engadget 1st (no video reviews sadly), then Phonescoop on Youtube.

  28. talk about out of left field… that results was from the top row of the bleachers… in Japan

  29. that’s totally not true. BS!!!!

  30. Oookay! Not what anybody expected at all.
    #1 Iphone 3gs
    #2 HTC Hero,MyTouch,G1
    #3 Blackberry Curve
    #4 HTC Touch Pro
    #5 Palm Pre
    Those are my choices!

  31. Onion news are calling CNET and want their video back

  32. that’s got to be a joke, that LG is fugly

  33. They basically picked the most popular phones on the major networks. They might as well throw the Moto RAZR on that list since!

  34. complete garbage. total waste of my 2 and a half minutes

  35. Ha ha. Well done Rob. Stringing us “fanboys” along only to crush our hopes. :-)

    (OT: what’s wrong with this “leave a comment” section? I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu and the word “Website” appears in the text entry box for email address and the text entry box for Website sits centered, partially overlapping the text entry box for the comment.)


  37. I agree with ChipFox and also thats a view of one or more person on the best phone. there may be some reason he didnt like any android phone. so plz let it go….

  38. this was so paid for by lg

  39. CNET Suk, I think his been playing with his own pocket phone a little too much if you know what mean? Next thing thing CNET will be telling us Androids IP was taken from Microsoft! CNET you just lost what little credibility you had left.

  40. This report is meaningless, the reviews are not qualified. it says in the beginning that its by users. I don’t think Android/OHA/open source community hangs out on the CNet site.

  41. heh, jesus … thats non sesne . HTC Hero is #1 thats for sure …


  43. I LMFAO @ this bullshit… who the hell is this cell phone master? He’s gotta b the dumbest son of a bitch ever ahahahha. Samsung Memoir? LG enV touch? GTFO!!! Matter of fact don’t ever touch a cellphone again ya deutchbag u make the world of cellphones look horrid. GTFO once again LMAO!

  44. wow… i thought CNET was known for unbiased reviews… but I would guess that somewhere along the road, they had to decide between unbiased and green bills. AAAAND guess what they chose? …… its green and its not grass… lol

  45. BTW, Same Web site box problem in the comment box on Vista w/Firefox 3.5.3. Just an FYI.

    Anyway, this is obviously bias crap. I would understand the Pre or even the iPhone. The BlackBerry 8900 may be the best BlackBerry (my wife has one) but it’s still a BlackBerry and doesn’t deserve to be on that list. The LG enV Touch! Really? I honestly think they are messing with everyone.

    Given that it would be hard to leave BlackBerry off this list (not that I would mind), surviven had it right with his list (not necessarily in the same order, but great list nonetheless).

    HTC Hero, myTouch, G1
    iPhone 3GS
    HTC Touch Pro 2
    Palm Pre
    Blackberry Curve 8900

  46. Just wait until the end of next year. Give Android a chance to get to the masses.

  47. What in the flying hell, today is a dark day in the cnet world ha.


  49. Cnet is still around? I thought they went the way of the Dodo bird. It is totally apparent that they have to resort to writing BAIT articles and outlandish opt Favorite lists in order to generate garbage traffic to their sites. Hopefully the advertisers catch on and pull out and sink that long outdated website of misinformation.

  50. Utter nonsense.
    A 3 Megapixel camera is supposed to be one of its strong points?
    The only positive thing about this phone is its keyboard.
    It is not a smartphone, any applications available for download are very limited and expensive

    On top of that, the screen is not responsive. Buy it if you want a cellphone with a decent browser and a (bulky) keyboard

  51. Env touch WTF any android phone, the iphone, the pre, any blackberry, and even windows mobile phones are better than the env touch. Its a verizon phone, and with almost all vzw phones it is severely crippled. I will no longer trust anything on CNET because of this.

  52. if you listen closely you hear him say that the list is compiled by a user survey. every other person and thier grandma has that garbage LG, so its no wonder people think its great.

  53. Soooo…why did Kanye not disrupt this?
    That was some baby-backeed bullshit.

  54. Cnet was bought and paid for by it’s advertisers years ago. I no longer consider them a credible source of reviews and information.

  55. Hmm I wonder how much LG paid CNET to spruke up their products.

    Apple however is probably getting it’s lawyers together, getting ready to sue CNET for degrading the iPhone by not giving it the #1 spot.

  56. CNET is right up there with JD Powers with their “whoever pays us the most gets the car of the year award.” Consumer Reports fell to the almighty dollar years ago as well.

  57. i rly dont care what everyone thinks you are all just a bunch of assholes

  58. suck on my friends little tiney cock u fucking bitches. just shut the fuck up this is just based on a srevey of 1000 people so dont fuck yourself over it u damn bunch of pussys

  59. could be the HTC Hero….

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