Sep 22nd, 2009

Another obligatory hurdle has been hopped for the Samsung InstinctQ, the 4th phone in the Instinct series headed to Sprint.


Ryan wrote in to tell us about the FCC spotting and we couldn’t have explained its implications any better:

The only useful information is in the “HAC Production Key Feature Letter,” in which it describes the phone as having “US-PCS, US-Cellular, GPS” radios, and the key features listed as, “Bluetooth, MP3 Player, SMS/MMS, WIFI, Full Touch, and Exchanger.” I am assuming Exchanger actually means an Exchange mail client… but who knows at this point. They don’t list QWERTY as a key feature, which I find rather disconcerting.

I will say that their request for Short-Term confidentiality for a period of 180 days is pretty disappointing. While it doesn’t directly indicate anything, they wouldn’t need confidentiality if the phone was on the market. They could be playing it safe but I wouldn’t expect an InstinctQ launch in the next month or two. I’ll still hope for one, though.

[Via FCC – Thanks again Ryan!]

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