Sep 21st, 2009

HTC has spent a lot of time and effort creating their custom Android OS known as HTC Sense and it certainly shows. But we’re told that “custom” and “with Google” don’t usually co-exist on the same device since Google is unwilling to slap their brand name on a phone that isn’t 100% Google Experience. Could that be changing? As two readers have pointed out (thanks Douglas, Carl), the HTC website clearly lists the HTC Magic for sale in Brazil… graced with HTC Sense:


This suggests that current HTC Magic (and perhaps Dream) owners will soon be able to update their devices to enjoy HTC Sense in all its glory – but it isn’t guaranteed. While other Magic/MyTouch devices in the wild have the “with Google” on the back of the phone, perhaps the HTC Magic in Brazil doesn’t. And perhaps networks already offering the branded with Google Magic’s will never push a Sense update.

Any way you look at it, seeing an official HTC Magic with HTC Sense offering is a first. And for those with a Dream/G1 or Magic/MyTouch who really want the HTC Sense on their phone… you can already make that happen the old fashioned way.

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