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HTC has spent a lot of time and effort creating their custom Android OS known as HTC Sense and it certainly shows. But we’re told that “custom” and “with Google” don’t usually co-exist on the same device since Google is unwilling to slap their brand name on a phone that isn’t 100% Google Experience. Could that be changing? As two readers have pointed out (thanks Douglas, Carl), the HTC website clearly lists the HTC Magic for sale in Brazil… graced with HTC Sense:


This suggests that current HTC Magic (and perhaps Dream) owners will soon be able to update their devices to enjoy HTC Sense in all its glory – but it isn’t guaranteed. While other Magic/MyTouch devices in the wild have the “with Google” on the back of the phone, perhaps the HTC Magic in Brazil doesn’t. And perhaps networks already offering the branded with Google Magic’s will never push a Sense update.

Any way you look at it, seeing an official HTC Magic with HTC Sense offering is a first. And for those with a Dream/G1 or Magic/MyTouch who really want the HTC Sense on their phone… you can already make that happen the old fashioned way.

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  1. I must disagree when you say ““custom” and “with Google” don’t usually co-exist”. The magic of Google is that pretty much everything they make is Open source, and open source means custom.

    Google is more than happy to see people mod their creations.

  2. Then why does Google not want Sense UI on their Google Experience phones?

  3. Where does it say “We don’t want google phones with a non-google implementation of Android” ? I’ve seen a few threads stating this, but never seen the evidence.

    Perhaps I overlooked it somewhere.

  4. @Pedro
    He’s referring to “with Google” as the marketing label, not in the general sense. To market a phone as “with Google” or “Google experience” a manufacturer must agree to certain things so that Google can ensure everything with their name visibly attached offers a consistent experience. The requirements for Google branding generally preclude (as I understand it) much in the way of customization.

  5. No matter what, Google branded phone can and will get the update. Thanks to XDA. Hopefully they’ll fix bluetooth and some speed issues on the G1…

  6. The Reason why Google-branded Phones won’t get Sense UI, is because those have just 192 MB of RAM, whereas the non-branded HTC Phones have 288MB (like the HTC Hero).

    Sense UI just needs enough RAM to work well.

  7. The Canadian HTC magic is not a google phone. Its branded Rogers, and comes with some (useless) Rogers installed apps.

    I’d like to get the official Sense for my magic, provided its the one with the speed issues worked out. The “old-fashioned way” gives you a pretty slick looking phone… but expect a wait if you want it to do anything!

  8. The Magic in Brazil won’t be a “with Google” phone. Simple as that.
    As zacas pointed out, the canadian Magic and Dream are not “with Google” phones.

    Only the “with Google” phones get OTA updates from Google. The rest (like the Hero or the Samsung Galaxy) get updates from the manufacturer.

  9. This is all to do with Google offering phone manufacturers a choice of “flavor” of Android, they can have the stock Android and label their phone as the “with Google” or they can customize it but then it can’t have the Google branding on it.

    This might be why the Android Robot has made an appearance, so you know it is an Android phone and hence linked to Google. But that’s just me speculating :-) either way I like the robot

  10. ooop just mixed up the magic and the HTC tattoo at the end of my last comment – sorry

  11. what performance advantages are there to htc sense? because if people want it just because it looks fancy, then i have no desire whatsoever to get it.

  12. I think this might solve the whole “with Google” debate http://htcsource.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=732&Itemid=51 if the Sprint Hero has the Google branding with Sense, than why can’t all of the Google branded phones?

  13. Sense UI is a whole new way of mobile interaction not just a new look . HTC have yet again proven they are the number one players when it comes to the mobile user interface.
    Sense ui is what android was waiting for so it can hit the main stream while still keeping the tech savy happy.

  14. True, but I seem to remember seeing the Sprint Hero with “with Google” on the back in a walkthrough and it definitely runs SenseUI.

  15. I have a quick note. I was reading through my Mytouch3g legal information that is in the phones menu. It never once mentions the mytouch3g in the terms and conditions for the google side of things but it constantly lists the G1 as if this phone was a G1. This to me would say that we have finally found an out to all the legal tied to the G1 that was supposedly tied to the magic. I am just curious as to how others will see this.

  16. You wrong. I have Magic with 288MB RAM and its Google branded from Vodafone.

  17. The Sprint Hero has the “with google” branding and it still has sense ui

  18. The MyTouch only has 192mb ram, the magic has 288mb ram like someone else pointed out.

    So even if google pushed the sense ui for the mytouch it simply wouldnt run well enough to be worthwhile. Maybe it would run well enough for those who root their phones and enjoy experimenting but 192mb ram isnt enough for an impressive sense experience. Whoever made the call to bring the magic to tmobile and decrease the ram before renaming it should be tarred and feathered. And then drowned

  19. My G1 is rooted and with all my applications on my 8gig SD Card I have no issue with installing any hacked ROM on my phone. Also with overclock running on my phone I get better performance because the CPU is actually 528 but it is set to 356 to ensure better stability. Now with that said my phone is very stable even when running at 528. I have never had any issue, at all. And on a side note, it is IMPOSSIBLE to brick your android phone because all you have to do is rest it to factory default or download the last OTA and reinstall.

  20. The press release for the HTC Hero in Singapore says that HTC Magics will receive the update in November of this year. It’s not really a “rumor” anymore, it’s more of a fact. At least for Singaporeans.


    Quoted here:

    Making Sense to Magic
    HTC Magic users can soon experience HTC Sense on their Magic when a free upgrade is made available in November 2009. With the upgrade to HTC Sense, users will enjoy a more holistic mobile experience made available by HTC. Be sure to sign up as a HTC e-Club member to stay informed of the availability of the upgrade and be the one of the first to experience the new Sense.

  21. @peter
    Pics please :)
    Please, don’t mix up RAM and ROM.

  22. Good afternoon All,

    I’m a bit confused. Some say branded Magic have only 192Mb while others say that their branded Magic have 288Mb.
    I would really like to know what is the real memory of the Vodafone HTC Magic. Below you can see what have been extracted from user manual available at vodafone.co.uk


    Memory ROM: 512 MB
    RAM: 192 MB

    Thank you

  23. @rui
    Vodafone UK has 192MB, but on the other hand, here, in portugal Vodafone released the version with 288MB.

  24. @david
    Thank you for your reply.

  25. @david

    thank you so much.
    i am so happy cause i will be getting my HTC Magic in December. Haha :D
    Hope there will not be something like HTC SuperSense coming out. lol…

  26. Hai im a new user on andriod. Using my htc magic, it really great os but recently im upgrade my magic wit htc sense. But there a bit problem wit video streaming that im unable to get good streaming and keep recieved unable to connect to server or video cannot be played when streaming wit youtube. Before upgrading wit htc sense my video streaming realy good. So how to solve it?

  27. The HTC Magic can now have HTC Sense installed as an update if you’re on Rogers – of course this was only prompted by the fact that the GPS signal didn’t work on earlier versions when calling 911…

  28. There is already an update out..
    Im from Denmark and i works fine on my magic..


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