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opentableIf you’re a foodie, restaurant lover, or just someone who always eats out because you’re too lazy (or busy) to do anything else, there is an Application on Android Market for you – OpenTable. The application, which is already available on the iPhone/BlackBerry/WebOS, allows you to view nearby restaurants, check out their profile and make reservations directly from your phone.

Here is the press release:

OpenTable Introduces Free Mobile Application for Android

Android™ Users Can Now Find and Make Free Online Restaurant Reservations On-the-Move

SAN FRANCISCO —(Sept. 14, 2009)—OpenTable, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPEN), a leading provider of free online reservations for diners and guest management systems for restaurants, today announced the launch of its free reservations booking application for the Android platform. Diners using OpenTable for Android can check the real-time availability of multiple restaurants in the area, read restaurant reviews, invite friends to join them and then follow directions to the restaurant, all from their mobile device. OpenTable for Android is the latest addition to OpenTable’s smartphone application series which makes it easier than ever to book dining reservations on-the-go.

“OpenTable’s mobile applications take the ease and convenience of online reservations to a whole new level,” said Caroline Potter, chief dining officer at OpenTable. “The ability to instantly find and book reservations from anywhere —without having to research restaurants from a desktop computer or make multiple calls to find available tables – is a truly valuable service for business travelers and casual diners alike. Now, fans of the open source Android platform can experience that same advantage.”

With OpenTable for Android, diners can simply specify the desired date, time and party size for their meal to immediately be provided with a list of available tables at restaurants in the vicinity. From there, diners can refine results by price range or type of cuisine, view individual restaurants on a map, and send emails complete with reservation information to friends. Registered OpenTable members can view or modify their upcoming reservations, earn OpenTable Dining Points and see their current points balances from their smartphones. OpenTable for Android users can also book 1,000-point reservations, allowing them to earn free meals faster than ever before.

OpenTable for Android also leverages the Android platform’s unique integration capability between applications. Using this feature, WHERE® and GoodFood, two location-based applications in Android Market™, now enable their users to make restaurant reservations via OpenTable when they are on the go. WHERE® is a location-based application that connects people to the world around them, helping them save time and money. Now with the integration of OpenTable, WHERE users on Android powered-devices will not only be able to search for restaurants nearby and read reviews, but they will also be able to book reservations while on the go. The GoodFood application makes it easier and faster to find and share restaurant recommendations. With simple ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ recommendations, short quick tips and easy to use cuisine and price filters, GoodFood allows diners to make rapid, informed decisions about where to dine.

The application is available for download today from Android Market on Android-powered devices. For more information about OpenTable’s mobile applications for smartphones, please visit

The company also sent me a one-sheet that goes into a little more detail. You’ll note that they’ve seated 500,000 people using the iPhone app alone. With mobile web growing at the rate it has… OpenTable could really be onto something here:

Introducing OpenTable for Android
Find and make dinner reservations from anywhere!

How it works:
OpenTable for Android allows diners to make confirmed restaurant reservations instantly at more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide – right from their Android handheld. Diners using Android can use the OpenTable app to check the real-time availability of multiple restaurants in the area, invite friends to dinner and then follow directions to the restaurant, making it easier than ever for people to find and book dinner reservations on-the-go.

Features include:

  • Find nearby restaurants and see real-time availability
  • Display restaurants on an interactive map
  • Refine by cuisine, price, points and availability
  • View restaurant profile pages with detailed information, including photos, menus and diner reviews
  • Send an invite to fellow diners via email
  • Get directions to the restaurant
  • Earn Dining Rewards Points, including 1,000 Dining Points on eligible dining times. (Points are redeemable for Dining Cheques good at any OpenTable restaurant)
  • Relevant Facts and Stats:
  • According to comScore, the number of people downloading mobile applications has grown by more than 83% over the past year, to 11.3 million.
  • The number of people searching for information on restaurants from mobile phones has increased by 70% during the past year.
  • Since launching its iPhone app in November 2008, OpenTable has seated more than 500,000 diners through this application.

About OpenTable:
OpenTable is a leading provider of free, real-time online restaurant reservations for diners and reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants. The OpenTable network delivers the convenience of online restaurant reservations to diners and the operational benefits of a computerized reservation book to restaurants. OpenTable has more than 11,000 restaurant customers, and since its inception in 1998, has seated more than 110 million diners around the world. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and the OpenTable service is available throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Head over to Android Market, work up an appetite, make some reservations and let us know how it works out for you!

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  1. I am way off subject here but I just read like 5 min ago that 1.6 will not be available to g1 users due to lack of internal flash. If any one in the know can please confirm or deny this for me that would be great. Email me @ [email protected]

  2. I am very excited about the OpenTable app – but it is WAAAY too big! I hope the next version will be smaller in size.

  3. I don’t use Adblock on Phandroid, so can you please be kind to your readers and disallow flashing Ads from your Ad providers?


  4. doesnt work in australia and nor is fusion voice!

  5. who does not use addblock? I don’t know what the internet is like without it now…

  6. “disallow flashing Ads from your Ad providers”

    Ay ??? I don’t see any flashing adds – using Firefox.

    Maybe this statement/request would best be put in the ‘contact us’ section, and not in the comments on this particular article.

    yours anal-retentively,

  7. what the hell does all this adblock stuff have to do with the the post hm? Anyway, I hope its alot better than other programs like Rah! that tried this.

  8. Rob – I hope we see more posts like this. I know there is a ton of device news to cover, but the market is really where the action is happening.

    More application reviews, announcements etc. It will make Phandroid better.

  9. Did not work properly. Couldn’t find anything, couldn’t locate itself.. I don’t think I’m giving it a second chance for now. Uninstalled.

  10. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely too big and it takes far to many steps if you want to go right to a specific restaurant to make reservations. I wonder you actually get Open Table points for reserving using this app. I know you don’t if you use the Blackberry version.

  11. What some people often overlook in apps like this, is participation.. that’s how they become good and useful. Google maps can find restaurants, that’s no biggie.. but to make an app like goodfood useful, people need to rate the restaurants not just use it to search for them.. So if you download it, and there are no ratings in your area.. don’t just delete it, take some time and rate the places you like and don’t like. Perhaps the next guy that downloads it will see your ratings, and add their own, and so on.

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