HTC Hero Update Makes Lag Go ByeBye


The HTC Hero launched to rave reviews across the board, save for one tempered irritation that also seemed to be noted across the board – UI lag. Last month we showed you that a fix was on the way and now we can confirm it is finally arriving.


The above shows the available update for Norway residing Hero phones so one can only assume the remainder of Europe will be following very soon after. But if you’re an impatient English-speaking Hero-owner you can put what the the folks at XDA have cooked up in your pipe and smoke it… I think it’s speed.

[Thanks to all who sent this in]

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  1. Finally my laggy Hero will be the phone I hoped for. I must admit the lag was annoying but not overly so; until I heard about the update. Now I can’t wait!

  2. Excited for the English release, keep us posted when it hits. Though lag does not get me down too much, I always love an update none the less.
    BTW Rob, you should go back and add a few things that seem to be lacking from all the Hero reviews Ive seen. One of the biggest features I love is how the Music app works on the lock screen.

  3. I have a pretty decent Hero rom running on my G1 with little lag, but it is there. I am using a class 2 SD card so that probably had a little to do with it. The only thing that for some reason that doesn’t with still is MMS.

  4. Nordic != Norway…
    AFAIK it’s a Scandinavian release, including Danish, Swedish and Norwegian…

  5. I installed the update on my Hero the same day it was released, I think it was friday. I love it, now my Hero is flying – it’s pretty damn quick! So far I have no negative things to say about it, they even fixed the dictionary, so it guesses the words with the nordic signs in them – it did’t always do that before. This is the way they should have shipped the phone – that would have resulted in some better reviews around the web.

  6. has anyone installed this on the g1 ? is it still laggy or has the performance improved dramatically ? i really wish to install Hero rom on my g1

  7. When I install this update, will it really wipe everything I’ve ever done to the handset?

  8. i use jacxheroskiv1.6 with overclock widget set to 383cpu, task manager pro with auto task killer on, 3 partitions of the sdcard [fat 32, linux-swap, and ext3], and have it set up so cache is moved to the sd card. it runs very smoothly and lags are once in a blue

  9. The update is for nordic phones, not only norwegian ones but also phones from Denmark and Sweden.

  10. has anyone installed this fullstop on a UK unlocked Hero? Desperate to get rid of the lag on my otherwise excellent phone but also a bit nervous about using an update from a non-HTC website?

  11. Installed this update on my Hero, and the speedup is amazing..

  12. Nordic means Scandinavia, not just Norway. I know at least Denmark also has it, but probably also Sweden (Since it’s more or less the same language around here). Now, where’s that promised official Hero ROM for the Magic?

  13. I just head over and xda-developers forum and d/l & installed the official english rom. It is piss-easy to install and home screen is 99% lag-free. Wohoo!!! This will give the iphone fanboys something whinge about!

  14. That update ain’t Norwegian, its Danish. :P

  15. great. cant wait for this

  16. Well, its available for swedish customers too, and it says nordic, so I wouldnt be surprised if its available in norway too. ;)

  17. It is now available for the UK, but would not accept the serial number from my T-Mobile G2 Touch :(


  18. So, apparently the update cant be installed on the UK T-mobile G2….

    The S/N number doesnt allow you to download it.

    I found if I changed the number slightly, I could.

    I wonder if I should install it.

  19. Hmmm, all the servers are very slow…..not many people downloading then :-)

  20. Well i have tried to download the update but everytime i put in my s/n it states that it would not be suitable for my device, damn!!

  21. Dutch version available at:
    Nederlandse versie beschikbaar via:


  22. Who gives a sht. Sprints hardware is a POS. I ain’t getting it.

  23. Well, the uk version is available . . . but not to Orange users it seems. Do i have to wait for some awful version of it that orange have had their way with?!

  24. htc announced two hours ago (via twitter), the update is live and available in more regions.
    but not available on all language sites yet.

    in germany, its live for us, but the servers are breaking down (hero is free available in germany since july)

  25. Rumour is, Orange will be releasing their HTC Hero update on Friday (obviously tweeked with their logos etc).

    Anyone heard anything about the T-mobile update for the G2 Touch?

    That’s what I’m waiting for…

  26. Got the Official update from HTC on 9-15-09 for the HTC HERO US local ROM. the file is named: RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

  27. FYI
    ROM wipes your system back to factory, so back up, export, and save what you can. Worth the update so far, supper fast. Love touch to focus on the camera.

  28. Did the update, and overall the SENSE UI is alot smoother, but I noticed my WiFi Connection isn’t as stable as it was before the update.

    Anyone else experiencing anything similair?

  29. Hello all!
    Was totally desperate to get this new update that after i discovered my orange handset wont even work with the officially released roms, I decided to bite the bullet and rooted and flashed a MoDaCo Hero rom onto it. went onto a site called unlockr and went through the 2 demo’s to root and to flash a new rom to your hero. I’m a complete noob but the process was swift and painless (tho i was terrified of bricking my phone!!!)
    Overall i am astounded with the new build, it’s pretty much iphone esque in it’s speed and smoothness. There are moments where it’s a lil slow…but only one you have ALOT of apps opened up and being at the same time.
    there was a comment that wondered if this reduced battery life? so far it’s all good, think it’s actually made the code alot more efficient in making the Sense UI extra fast and smooth.
    No issues with all of the apps I’m using at the moment with the new update.
    Just be sure to back everything up using something like mybackup pro, root, flash the new rom, restore your data and apps…and in the words of a popular running comparison website ad in the UK…SIMPLES!

  30. Where will Orange be releasing the ROM? In the past I have found updated ROMs in the orange business section of the website but the hero isn’t on there.

  31. I’ve got an Orange locked HTC Hero and downloaded the update from the HTC site (changing last few digits of serial number) and tried to install it.

    It failed saying it was not compatible. So will either have to wait for the official Orange version or ‘root’ it…

  32. got mine rooted and installed the MoDaCo Hero rom and it works great now. Screen scrolling is fast, video player doesn’t jerk anymore, its very responsive, this is how it should have been released. if you can’t wait just follow the guides careful and you should be fine, just make sure you do a nandroid backup, just incase something goes wrong (which it shouldn’t). Now i can just use the phone without worrying about anything not working properly.

    Roll now just on donut and eclair :)

  33. Tried updating my Hero -but it’s saying download not available for my serial number!! It’s a Orange branded handset, have spoken to Orange and they don’t know anything about the update!!

  34. Um.. I just installed the new ROM update on my HTC Hero and I find it not impressive at all. I think the old ROM was way faster than the new one. In the 1st place, I didn’t had any problems with the old ROM anyway, but being a fast ass, I decided to update anyway. I told myself I was going to update anyway so why wait. The only good thing to come out of this new ROM is finally mp POP3 email account works. On the old ROM it was giving me problems. Other than that, I don’t see a difference other than now the new ROM being a lil slow. I notice it when swiping through pics through the photo album. I also happen to have the same amount of memory left I had before on the old ROM, so I know it’s not the memory making the phone a lil slow. I rather go back to the old ROM personally. O Well, and if that was the case they could have just added Flash 10 and Cupcake 1.6 on the new ROM.

  35. Am I the only one baffled by the XDA reference in this post? What’s different about their release from the official that makes it crack-comparable? For their part they say it’s just a mirror of the official firmware..

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