Videos of Innocomm’s Android-powered Skate


skateThere has not been much coverage of the little Android-powered Innocomm handset. This smartphone out of Taiwan was developed by Innocomm Corp. for those who did not put that together and goes by the name “Skate.”

Innocomm is an ODM manufacturer for companies such as LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The company makes claim that this it is “the World’s smallest 2.8″ smartphone based on the Android OS.” From what we can see this is a nicely put to gather phone that runs smoothly and fits nicely in your hand. Check out the videos below for more.

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  1. This would be a great little phone as long as its subsidized (free). Not usable at all for me, i’d rather pay extra and get a nice huge screen, but this is a great aspect of the market android needs to be in. its strangely sexy in way

  2. technical spec on this one? :)
    at last android seem to run smooth :)

  3. This thing is fuckin sexy! Oh my god. This almost makes me want this instead of something with a 3.5″ screen.

    I second Sebastian! Tech specs! And prices and availability? Countries? How did you hear about this?

  4. Where can I buy it.any I deas anyone

  5. haha… looks cute :P

  6. Wow…am I the only person wondering what build of Android that is? Look at the browser…ever since I’ve gotten my G1 I use Steel as the browser mostly, but I don’t ever recall those zoom buttons in the center. The icons are also different, is this a type of Asian Android? I feel like I’ve seen the red phone on other Chinese devices.

    I’m confuzzled.

  7. I WANT this! Any ideas where to buy??

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