Jul 28th, 2009 publishUpdated   Jul 8th, 2013, 7:00 pm

If you’re a T-Mobile UK customer waiting for the G2 Touch (aka HTC Hero) your wait is over: you can now purchase the G2 touch on T-Mobile.co.uk!


The plans available are as follows:


  • £15.00/monthly, 100 minutes, 200 texts, £195.73 for phone
  • £20.00/monthly £166.37 for phone
  • £25.00/monthly £137.01 for phone
  • £30.00/monthly FREE phone
  • £31.50/monthly FREE phone
  • £36.00/monthlyFREE phone

Flext (18 months)

  • £40.00/monthly, £225 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £50.00/monthly, £325 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £60.00/monthly, £425credit/month, FREE phone
  • £75.00/monthly, £575 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £100.00/monthly, £775 credit/month, FREE phone

Rush on over and get a plan with unlimited data so you can download the heck out of the Android Market and enjoy your T-Mobile G2 Touch to the full extent! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to hit up our T-Mobile G2 Touch Forums to talk with other owners, ask questions, learn if its the right phone for you, etc… see you there!

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