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In our T-Mobile MyTouch 3G review we explained that T-Mobile planned on suggesting different groupings of applications to customers based on their interests and somehow prepacking them on the phone. Now, not only do we know the method of distribution, but we have a direct link to the AppPack so we can download it ourselves!


In an Email to employees and/or embassadors who already have the phone, we learn the following golden nuggets of information:

  • You can download the app pack from
  • The AppPack includes 9 applications – Sherpa, World Tour, Visual Voicemail, myAccount, Hotspot Locator, iMeem, Movies by Flixster, Facebook, Enhance Phone Book
  • Actual customers who purchase the phone on August 5th and after will receive an SMS with a link to the App Pack for download.

Unfortunately when you visit the above link (at the moment) only World Tour, myAccount, iMeem, Movies by Flixster and Enhance Phone Book are included in the .APK file. Apparently they’re just working on the other apps and I’m sure Sherpa will be included once launch time comes – T-Mobile made SUCH a huge deal about this application that it would be crazy to leave it out.

Here is the full email that was sent to a group defined as “Champions”:


Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to make your myTouch reflect you, inside and out! Today, we’re excited to announce that the new T-Mobile ‘AppPack’ is available for Champions, including the much-anticipated Sherpa application. In addition, ‘Work Email’ Exchange support has been issued broadly. Set up instructions for both are included below.

With only 3 weeks left until the launch of myTouch, we ask that Champions continue to lead by example and learn the phone, explore the marketplace and showcase how you’ve personalized your phone with your teammates. Let’s make this phone the most popular employee phone on your team!

The AppPack, a “super app” that houses a number of T-Mobile recommended applications, is now ready for use. You can download it by clicking on this URL from your myTouch device and following the below instructions: .

Applications include:

  • Sherpa
  • World Tour (Previously Le’ Tour Eiffel)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • myAccount
  • Hotspot Locator
  • imeem
  • Movies by Flixster
  • Facebook
  • Enhance Phone Book

To ensure the download and installation is successful on your myTouch:

  1. Select: Menu >Settings >Applications. Check the box to allow install of non-Marketplace apps (i.e. “Unknown Sources”).
  2. In ‘browser’ type the URL:
  3. Select the AppPack.apk and install.
  4. Once downloaded, the AppPack icon will appear in the App Drawer.
  5. Select and drag the app to the Home screen.

Please note: You will need to re-download at the time of national launch, August 5. Again, this is a unique customer experience for Retail Champions that gives a “sneak peek” at these applications before launch. At launch, customers will receive an SMS with the link to the AppPack and be able to download all of them directly to their phone from the marketplace.

As you can see, the download link is hosted at the domain name… I’ve never seen this in use before, have you? Here is what you see when visiting the site:

The T-Mobile Content Gateway is a new service to third party companies who wish to offer their products and services to T-Mobile subscribers. It is another way T-Mobile customers can Get More.

Do you have a messaging or content product or service you’d like to launch?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

T-Mobile’s Content Gateway is both a technical platform and a business opportunity. It enables you to efficiently and easily develop, operate and support your messaging and/or content business.

I’m guessing this isn’t the last we’ve seen from and hopefully they’ll embrace this new customization and packaging idea because I really like it. Go and grab the App Pack before T-Mobile pulls it or moves it from the website!

[XDA via HTCSource – Thanks DW!]

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  1. Is this actually a REAL Facebook app for android?!?!?

  2. It just launches a market search for “mobile recommends”

  3. When you click on the app icon, it merely searches the Market for “Mobile Recommends”…which is short for T-Mobile Recommends.

    If you’re a developer put “Mobile Recommends” in your description and your app will appear in the list.


  4. What UI is that? Is that one that comes on the MyTouch?

  5. since when does the mytouch use the hero ui? thats what those pictures suggest…

  6. Hey In those screen shots what home app/theme is that it looks really niice!

  7. Does this mean there will be an app that makes your home screen look like the hero?

  8. @Mike, I don’t know. However, Facebook IS launching an Android app this week. This week is almost over, so I guess that this is the Facebook app.

  9. forget everything else…..Did you just say Facebook!?!?

  10. I believe he is using a theme via rooting the phone and installing a theme ( for the theme. You will need to do some reading/learning to do this. Also the clock widget is available via the Market “Weather Widget Donate” by Android Apps.

  11. Cant wait for Sherpa. Aloqa is pretty darn good though. Still in alpha too.

    Also, the developers from Waze app are GIVING AWAY free MyTouch phones to one of the first 100 Wazers per state. Details are on their site, but the first 100 Wazers in the state have a chance to win. Its a great app getting better every day. (Sorry for this post, just trying to let people know).

  12. Well its 404 now…


  13. Site works fine for me. I’d say give it a shot see if you can win one :)

  14. Strange…. must be all the people downloading it from the net breaking the server :)


  15. 404… : (

  16. confirm 404 :(

  17. So visual voicemail is of no concern to anyone? Weird. The phonefusion visual voicemail is actually called “Visual Voicemail” in the market. Perhaps that is the one they reccommend. I preferred youmail over that. Right now I am using Google Voice, by putting my google number as “Do Not Disturb” and using the number for forwarded calls. I still wish tmo would implement true visual voicemail.

  18. @Joshua Yes TMo created a Visual Voicemail app! They havent launch it yet but we saw some vids showing how to use their VVM app!

  19. I called T-Mobile today because I wanted to change my rate plan, and the rep guy was really nice. he asked if I liked the G1 and I said yeah, and then he told me if I checked out the Visual Voicemail app. And I said no, and he said it’s already on the Market and I should download it. I checked after I had hung up the phone and it isn’t there. Weird.

  20. hey how do i get the look of the phone in this pic?

  21. Beautiful wording. Coudn’t have said it better myseld

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