T-Mobile MyTouch 3G


There is nothing more official than a press release… and that is exactly what I’ve got for you when it comes to the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. I converted it from PDF to JPG so you could view it inline (click to enlarge).


I’m sure the text version of this is floating around somewhere on the interwebz but I’ve kind of got a one track mind at this event! Check the site all day for MyTouch 3G goodies!

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LIVE: MyTouch 3G Event In NYC

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  1. Wow! 4GB SD Card & Exchange Support, yet still comes with the “with Google”??? I may need to hock my first-born’s education for it after all.

  2. I was going to complain about the $200 price point, but changed my mind. The 4GB SD card just *barely* makes the $200 worth it.

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