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In the MyTouch 3G info packet we got on a UUSB there were a ton of PDFs and one of them is an absolute GOLDMINE of new accessories exclusively for the MyTouch 3G. Wanna see what I mean?

MyTouch Battery Extender:


MyTouch 3G Docking Station. Wow I want this for my G1 please? Pretty sweet!


MyTouch Custom Shells. There are 5 pre-designed ones seen below but you can also make your OWN custom shell based on your own design. That is pretty darn sick – work is done by “Skin It” who also worked on the same thing for Sidekick.


Alright there are WAYYYYY too many accessories to cover right now since I’ll soon be playing with the phone. So I’ll link you to the PDF and post about them later. Let me see if I can list some:

  • Wall Charger
  • Car Charger with USB Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Battery Extender
  • Docking Station
  • Stereo Headset
  • Custom Shells
  • Gel Skin with Color Coordinated wrist Strap
  • Clean Screen Pouch
  • Fashion Case
  • Fitted Folio Case
  • Protective Snap-On Shell
  • Protective Slide-On Shell
  • Holster
  • Battery
  • Screen Protector
  • Lifestyle bundles
  • Starter kit with coffee mug, gel skin, car charger USB cable and app recommendations
  • Music bundle with portable speaker, 10 songs from amazon, 3.5mm headset adaptor and music app recommendations
  • Protection Plan covers you for 2 years
  • Fitness includes a fitness belt and armband with other esssentials and app recommendations
  • Home pack with wall charger, docking station, 5 foot USB cable…

I can’t possibly go over all of this quick enough so check out the PDF yourself folks!


Rob Jackson
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T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

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  1. Holy Snarkies! T-Mo is really pulling out all the stops for this product line aren’t they?!?! The nice thing about the adaptors, etc. is that it *appears* that they will work w/ the other HTC phones (i.e. – Hopefully G1?)

  2. My opinion is this, the custom case are nice, but who cares. I had a sidekick 2008 and NEVER got into the cases….i traded the Sidekick for a BB Curve…than I got a G1….more than happy with the G1 except the grey back shell should be white….also T-Mobile needs to secure the HTC Hero. I would pay full retail for the Hero….

  3. The truly custom shells are brilliant. I can’t wait to make a bunch of shells with all my logos on them, and then use them to cover up that hideous “My” circle on the back.

  4. I’ll probably end up ordering a few of those extras. I don’t care much about the shell but maybe I might just get one for show. Sigh.. a few more weeks to go.

  5. Be careful if you buy these accessories don’t pay the 1 day delivery charge because they won’t get delivered until August 3rd. I had to find this out the hard way this morning and no canceling either. I have the Google Ion, it says I have the My Touch 3G when I log in to my T-mobile account ^_^.

  6. i love this phone but i hate my life

  7. i love this phone but I hate your life

  8. The MyTouch is an awesome phone! Had the Sidekick 2008, and finally parted with it last night to get the MyTouch. It is totally awesome. The best 350.00 I spent! ((Got a 1 yr. extension and clear case)). Can’t wait to make my custom case.. This rocks!!

  9. Is their a stylus pen available for this phone?

  10. chalupa… there are NO stylus pens on this darn earth that works with this phone. I think I spend about $100.00 on all sorts of stylus pens for this phone and NONE of them worked, that sucked! But if youa re able to find one please let me know, Thanks!

  11. The reason why you can’t get a pen to.use on.the screen is the same reason woman that have nails have such a hard time the touch is heat sensitive

  12. MyTouch phone sucks!!!! It freezes on u a lot plus. it doesn’t have a flash camera! I had this lame phone for 5months ! The kick is waaaay better.

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