Official HTC Hero Launch Event Videos


If you didn’t go to the HTC Hero launch event in London but really, really wanted to go we’ve got the second best option – official videos from the event. I know the event is over and all but I’m sure you’ve watched your favorite movie several times, why not your favorite Android.

I’ve embedded the playlist so it should play the videos back to back to back:

And as an added bonus, a new promo teasing that the Hero is “Coming This Summer” that I haven’t seen posted much of anywhere:

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  1. Hi. I can’t decide which phone would fit me most, the Hero or Samsung i7500. They got similar specs (Hero has more RAM and Samsung is thinner + AMOLED).

    The things I need to know to make a decision is this:
    Which has better build quality? (Have friends with bad experience of Samsung)
    Will they be equally easy to root and hack? (HTC has big support already on xda-dev, how about Samsung?)

    If someone got any clues or thoughts about this, please say what you think.

  2. want

  3. Niklas I’d base it on which you like more. Like you said the specs all look the same but base if off what you like.

    Best way to decide is to play with them in the store. For hackability you really don’t have to worry about that. It isn’t if samsung is all about it, it is the person who looks at the phone and says “Yeah, we need to change this”.

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