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proto_geeks_00Looks like some of the anticipators(word?) for the Geeks Phone One made a simple request of upping the RAM from 128MB to something a little more admirable. And their wish has been granted. According to the Geeks’Phone Blog the phone was just doubled in RAM size with a simple request to the engineers. “Icing on the cake, please.”, you say? This comes at zero cost to the buyer.

This is cool in a couple of ways. First, and obviously, the phone just got a sweet memory upgrade. Second, and most importantly, it really shows the responsiveness of both the big guys in the comfy chairs at Geeks’Phone as well as their Engineers. End users aren’t very used to seeing their requests come to fruition in such a positive and encouraging manner.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a company that I can really invest some Android emotion into. We can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us!

[via Geeks’Phone Blog]

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  1. if this didn’t have a resistive touch screen I MIGHT consider this possibly better than the hero.

  2. Resistive == can use a stylus, tho !

  3. Ooooh. Goody. For this phone I MIGHT even forego my hardware keyboard requirement. This is just too tempting. Rrrrr.

  4. @Jay

    Exactly. Maybe now we can get all the anticipators to band together and request a capacitive display…

  5. @Jay @RM
    Completely agree.. toss in a capacitive display and we’ve got a winner.

  6. @Todd A
    Although you may loose stylus and “accuracy” with capacitive, you must remember:
    Capacitive == Multi-touch capable

  7. >Although you may loose stylus and “accuracy” with >capacitive, you must remember:
    >Capacitive == Multi-touch capable

    @Android User
    You must remember:
    Resistive == Multi-touch capable

  8. The main advantage of capacitive is that is way more reactive then resistive.
    The only reason the magic on screen keyboard works so well is because it is capacitive. If you feel you are touching the screen with your thumb, you are also sure you get a response of the phone. A resistive screen requires some pressure, making it less responsive.

  9. I agree with you, with a capacitive touchscreen it’s perfect ! I don’t like resistive touchscreens.

  10. It’s not possible to change the screen, we are sorry =/

    But our tests reveal that the user experience with our screen is actually comparable to that of the capacitative ones. Our panel is a sightly updated version of the one from the Omnia i900 by Samsung. All the users of that phone are more than happy with it.

    I should correct one thing said by #8. Resistive screens are much more precise than capacitative, and onscreen keyboards just work better. So no worries on that ;)

    PS: If you have any question, just post here or use my personal address: [email protected]

    PS2: Our little “secret” is that in GeeksPhone headquarters there are no comfy chairs with executives. As you can see, even me (as COO) i’m always on the move through the blogosphere ;)

  11. What is the battery capacity going to be? And why does the PDF on the web site open up sideways? For heaven’s sake, that’s about as aggravating a thing as I’ve ever seen.

  12. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if this is going to pave the way for other phones to get RAM upgrades like this?

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