Jun 16th, 2009

Last week we reported on a Reuters article indicating that LG would launch 1 Android Smartphone in 2009, this according to the vice-president of marketing strategy for Mobile Communications at LG – Ma Ching-min. So it was surprising to see an article today quoting the same source and saying LG will launch THREE Android Phones in 2009.

“The market is actually holding up versus last year… I think the recession impact is less than what we expected last year,” said Chang Ma, the Korean giant’s vice president of marketing strategy for mobile communications.

In an interview with Dow Jones Newswires, Ma said LG, the world’s third largest mobile phone maker in shipment terms, was eyeing 10 percent market share this year.

“If you figure the market is about 1.1 billion, then our sales volume is supposed to be 110 million,” he said.

In 2008, it shipped 100.7 million handsets worldwide and its operating profit margin from the business was 11 percent.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, LG’s market share in the first quarter was 9.2 percent, up from 8.6 percent a year earlier.

The company trails Nokia Corp. of Finland and Samsung Electronics Co., also based in South Korea.

LG is planning to launch three different Android-powered devices in the third or fourth quarter this year, with more due out in 2010.

As you can see from the copy/pasted section of the article, Ching-min never directly 3 LG Android Phones will launch in 2009 – the author implies he said it. Perhaps he did… I hope he did. I would guess that LG is definitely working on 3 LG Android Phones but is only positive that 1 will be out before the end of 2009 at this particular point in time.

Either way, rackem’ up folks, Android is going to count quite a number of notches on the old mobile belt before the year is said and done. It is nice to know that LG will be part of the plumpness.

[Via Physorg]

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