Verizon Android Fans: Collective Sigh Of Relief


Verizon Android fans have most likely been in a state of confusion and depression regarding their carriers stance on Android. While often viewed as the best network (depending on location) in terms of connectivity, the device lineup could certainly stand improvement. Although the Motorola Calgary is rumored for VZW and we’ve heard a few encouraging comments regarding Android, we’ve never heard it this clearly.


At a Barclays Capital conference, Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam said the following:

“Over the next six months or so,” he said, “you will see devices like the Palm Pre and the Cousin on our network from Palm. You will see a second-generation [BlackBerry] Storm. You will see a new device we call the Tour from BlackBerry as well. That is an upscale of any other QWERTY-based devices that we have from BlackBerry today.”

He continued, “You’ll see Motorola back into our portfolio. We feel very good about the progress that the Motorola team has made. And, yes, you’re going to see Android devices as well.”

So there you have it loyal Verizon customers… you can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Now comes the anxiety of waiting for the darn thing to arrive on the big red porch!

[ConsumerElectronicsNet via MobileCrunch]

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  1. If big V doesn’t have a satisfying android device in the next month or 2, I already know of one loyal great paying customer that will be going to T-Mobile…. and that customer is out of his contract.

  2. Same thing goes for me too. T-Mo is releasing ~3 Androids by the end of the year, Sprint gets the Hero, AT&T the Lancaster, and who knows what else. It is PAINFUL waiting on Verizon. If it doesn’t come soon, and if it’s not a stellar piece of hardware, goodbye Verizon.

  3. I will also be jumping the Verizon ship if they don’t have a decent Android offering soon. My contract has expired as well.

  4. I’m on Verizon per my company.

    I’m waiting on Android, but don’t like the looks or keyboard of the Calgary.

  5. You know.. I don’t think I will like the Calgary keyboard either.. I’m over that RAZR-etched keyboard. I wasn’t a fan of it on my RAZR and don’t think I would be again.. but.. stranger things have happened. If that’s the only Android device to come to VZW any time soon, I may still leave for greener pastures. Give me that new Samsung Omnia II or Pro or Jet w/ a capacitive screen and Android and I’d be a happy camper. 3.7” (capacitive) AMOLED w/ slide out Qwerty? Yes please! None of this 2.8” BS

  6. Come on Verizon, get an android phone out before me and my friends succumb to temptation and get the T-mobile HTC MyTouch 3G. We’re dead serious.

  7. I’m always amazed to hear stories like this from the “land of the free”, while the rest of the developed world can use any phone with any carrier (excluding the telcos that use non standard frequencies / technologies).

  8. I too am out of contract on Verizon and will jump ship without looking back if they don’t do something soon. I hope they send me a survey asking why I let them…

  9. Too late for Verizon-their screwing around already cost them 1 customer. It was worth the $95 ETF just to be rid of their lame stance on “you can have any phone you want as long as it’s not cool. If it’s cool, we won’t sell it.” They need to quit listening to suits and START listening to customers. (Sorry, can’t bold so I had to use caps.)

  10. My contract was up in April. I currently get zero cell signal at work, and I have been very unhappy with AT&T. I really need to get a phone. I heard rumors that the G2 and a round of Android phones would launch in January, and it never happened. The HTC CEO said he expected the G2 and a bunch of Android phones would hit in April. It didn’t happen. It is June, and I’m not even hearing any dates or announcements from anyone except T-Mobile, which has no stores, and basically no coverage in Nebraska.

    I may just break down and buy an iPhone, which I really don’t want to do, but I’m not waiting 6 more months for a maybe.

  11. I terminated a 2 year contract w/ Verizon after only 6 months. I was impressed with the G1, and hoped the Storm could keep me happy. It came out, and I ended up paying $150 to cancel and switch to T-Mobile.

    BTW, best coverage my ass! In my case, I have much better signal with T-Mobile. With Verizon, I had no signal @ home and work. Those are the two places I actually need it!

  12. Verizon is going to get some stupid android phone, with there stupid VZNavigator and VCast. Verizon is going to lose so many customers. If i wasnt 16 and had a job i would be so tempted to pay for my own friggin service. Verizon, listen to your customers for once.

  13. I am a Verizon customer too, and My next phone will be an android device wether Verizon supports them or not.

    at&t or t-mobile will get my business if Verizon doensn’t get with the program.

  14. I am currently *not* under a contract. My next phone will be an Android-powered phone with a full face OLED display and a capacitive touch screen. Will it be with Verizon? Not sure… announce which phone you are bringing to market and when you will bring it.

    Some “suit” stating to some bankers that someday Verizon will sell some Android phone is just “some” babble. File me away as “not impressed”.

  15. My Verizon plan is up in mid-August. I keep hoping to see something inspired from them, but it won’t surprise me if I have to leave them to get a good phone and plan.

    …and Shane, you’re spot on about the VZNavigator and VCast. If they try to force that into their new phones I’ll leave regardless. I’m tired of their attempts at taking even more of our money for substandard services.

  16. Yet another verizon customer with an expired contract impatiently awaiting an Android phone before re-signing/upgrading.

  17. hopefully verizon learns a lesson soon

  18. My Verizon contract just ended. I’ll give them a couple of months and if they don’t have a good, non-crippled Android phone I’ll be making the switch as well.

    If they would put out good phones and compete better on price Verizon would steamroll the rest, pity they don’t seem to get it.

  19. The My Touch 3g is incredible!! I can’t put it down, I had no idea what I was buying, but I’m glad I bought it. Android apps are every bit as good as Apple’s, some are even the same apps just written for Android. This phone packaged with T-Mobile’s plans and services is a no brainer! Make the switch you’ll be glad you did.

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