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The trifecta has been completed. Earlier today our favorite emulator developer, yongzh, released SNesoid. Not much to say here, I’m just getting word out on this one along with a few of my initial thoughts.


Game play is great, but can get choppy at some undesirable moments. Like when you’re trying to slide into a bend during Super Mario Kart, or hopping the Mega Bullet Bills in Super Mario World. Surprisingly, Donkey Kong Country plays very well; out of the games I tested I expected this one to do the worst and had that thought blissfully reject by yongzh. Controls are going to be a bit scary once I try and delve into some of my other childhood favorites, such as Mortal Kombat, which make constant use of the L and R triggers. I attempted to set the R trigger as the camera button, but that only activated the camera.


You’re probably not going to see a lite version of this as you were able to with the previous versions; because of the fact that the lite versions came prepackaged with a ROM for your testing pleasure. As that did violate the copyright protections of the game (see disclaimer below), all lite versions of the emulators had to be pulled from the Market.  So on this one you’ll have to take my word for it.  Just how much do you trust me?


And as always, remember: Developing, purchasing, downloading, installing and/or running an emulator is 100% legal. However, you are only allowed to play ROMs to which you own the original cartridge.

Happy Emulating!


[Thanks, Fro!]

Tyler Miller

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  1. No, no, thank you :)

  2. WOW its about damn time lol yay my G/F is gonna want a G1 really bad now

  3. What is the barcode at the end of most of your messages for?? Even in the contact there is a barcode. I don’t work at a shopping center so I won’t have access to a scanner. So why are these barcodes there. Please if anyone knows let me know.

  4. Contrary to your review, I found the chopiness extremely minimal and non existent when the sound was off. This is by far the smoothest running emulator on the G1 because it takes advantage of the APU architecture released for 1.5.

    As with all controllers, the G1 keypad takes a little getting used to. That said, I am wondering if Android will follow Apples footsteps in releasing peripheral API for third party accessory support (bluetooth controller? :D).

    On a side note: I wonder what is going to become of the Super Gnes project now that this is released. We need a GPX2!!

  5. NICE! Going to downlo…. oh crap… No paid apps in denmark yet :-(

    Why isn’t any of the good apps on SlideME?

  6. However, you are only allowed to play ROMs to which you own the original cartridge.

    And even that is questionably legal.

  7. Download it HERE!
    for free!
    if the link gets taken down It will be reuploaded to a torrent site and IT WILL STAY THERE FOREVER!
    Edited by Tyler. Now, I know it’s hard for people to have a little bit of respect for authors and their work. But on this site, if you could give them as much as possible it would be greatly appreciated, Traco. Thanks!

  8. What website did you use to download Donkey Kong and Super Mario World? Every site I go to says you aren’t allowed to download it

  9. Rorschach90, you can download an app called Linda File Manager thats on the market… and then you’ll be able to download anything from the internet… just make sure you download linda file manager… :)

  10. Where do you get your ROMs from? I’m having the same issue as Rorschach90. Every website I have visited does not allowed download due to ESA regulations.

  11. @ d
    the “barcode” (it’s a QR code) you can scan with your android phone using “barcode scanner” app. it will then take you to the website/market to download the app without searching the market for it.

    You can create your own QR codes containing calendar entries, contacts, web links, plain text etc from here: http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/
    or you can create contact ones from within “barcode scanner” so if anyone else has any software to read them you never have to have them type in your details again, they just scan the code on your phone (there’s a scanner for most phones these days)

  12. good app. mario kart plays in slow motion the whole time, and a few ames are a little choppy, but for the most part its pretty cool. if there was an update to somehow make it run smoother then it would be amazing.

  13. first make sure you download “download crutch” from the market then i go to theoldcomputer.com thats where i get all my roms from and they work great

  14. Ok, So this emulator is THE SUCK!!! The gfx of this emulator may seem ok, but the seems start showing. Mortal Combat, one of my favorite games crashes and you can’t even play it. Donkey Kong is missing the platform to walk on, so you can’t even tell where you would fall which makes death inevitable. Super Mario RPG doesn’t even load. The quality lacks. I paid the $3 and in the end I got my refund. This is not the the quality of emulators that I am used to playing.

  15. I found a good site that has the Roms, including the good one’s that all the other sites have taken down. Its: *REMOVED*


  16. Removed is 100% legal and its been open for many years.
    Quit removing the links dumbasses.

    No, it is not legal, dumbass. Posting copyrighted material for free downloads when you are not the owner of said material is illegal. Stop posting the link.

  17. Best. App. Ever.

    SNES + MAME = Gaming bliss on a handheld.

  18. I just downloaded it!!! I got my childhood collection almost complete. From NES, Genesis, and now SNES, the only emulator I need is TurboGraphix16. I was a spoiled little boy growing up!!! Killer Instinct brings back a TON of memories!!!! Mario Kart! Ahhhh YES Mortal Kombat 2. I remember Mortal Thrusday like it was yesturday!

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