May 28th, 2009

android-robot-ioIf the closing remarks from yesterday’s keynote are any indication, we should be prepared for some groundbreaking Android announcements today. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about what they COULD be for the last 24 hours. From strong possibilities to pipe dreams, I’ve thought about the potential. I hope they announce something for EVERYONE instead of another Free Gift for attendees… but I’m a jealous onlooker – I suppose we could have both.

Lets get some conversation going on the possibilities:

  • New Android Phone announced
  • Lots of new Android Phones announced
  • Verizon Wireless joins Open Handset Alliance
  • AT&T joins Open Handset Alliance
  • Both/More/Others Join OHA
  • Android Netbook announced
  • Android Netbooks given to everyone
  • What do YOU think?

And to voice your opinion, why not use something Google announced yesterday? The regular comments are turned OFF and I’ve embedded the “Conversation Element” from Google’s new “Web Elements” to guide our discussion. I’ve left regular comments ON if you prefer that method: