HTC Dream Comes To Rogers June 2nd


Canadians will soon be enlightened by all that is Android – both the HTC Dream and HTC Magic will be coming to Rogers Wireless in the near future. Rumor has it that they’ll cost around $149.99 but release date has been a mystery. Now it appears the date is June 2nd and the phone will be the HTC Dream… at least at first.


Unfortunately for Rogers Wireless they had a complete LOL moment, sending out a terrible typo that would make their so called “revolution” seem like little more than a comedy club appearance:


There are a lot of questions still on the table, such as what data plans will Rogers offer and will these Androids come with 1.5 Cupcake or stuck with the original 1.1? Not too long until we all find out.

[Via MobileRoar, EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Hahahaha, Fail.

  2. Lol… Magic without 1.5? Without keyboard? R U serious?

  3. I’m bummed because I like the look of the dream better than the G1. It looks sleek and the buttons look better too!

  4. still no mention of 3g compatibility. either the phone has been modded to use rogers frequency as it runs diff than t-mo, or they’re adding another of their own (which I would find HIGHLY doubtful). The current dream/G1 only works on edge.

  5. I am now torn between them i don’t want the keyboard but then how well i play nes and snes roms?
    Also is the Samsung galaxy coming to Canada soon?

    (BTW: i will not by an android phone with out G3)

  6. Went to a Rogers store yesterday. They all got their ‘training’ last week … whatever that means. The guy told me both the dream and magic would be available on the 2nd, although they were not told any pricing. He did say they were both 3g phones and there were no specific plans for these. The normal smart-phone plans would apply.


  7. *************************READ****************************
    I got G1 Update in the US VIA TMobile at 9:00pm EST…It here for the US WOOT!

  8. Had one (legit from Rogers) in my hand today, seems really nice!!
    The prices are for now at 999.99$ for BestBuy. They will surely drops since it is only a mesure to not sell them ( kind of strange but yeah it is… ). I wish the price will be less than 500$ without a contract due to the OS.

  9. i got the HTC Dream for 149.99, 30 dollars for data plan gives me 6GB/month, still sucks that americans get unlimmited for the same price.

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