HTC Hero Firmware Build on G1 (Haykuro)


Haykuro from XDA-Devs has somehow gotten his hands on the firmware for the upcoming and unannounced HTC Hero, ported it over to the T-Mobile G1 and put together a little video showing off some new features that are Android bound. It didn’t have any sound so I voiced over it:

I don’t how he got the Hero firmware let alone how he ported it to the G1, but color me impressed. The firmware version is still listed as 1.5 which we all know is cupcake, so this is likely cupcake customized for the HTC Hero. At the beginning of the video you notice a little “HTC Sync” option. Anyone want some Push Email? Thought so…

Near the end of the video you can see the Model, firmware, build and all that good stuff and I did a little data-entry to save you the trouble:

Model Number: HTC Hero
Firmware version: 1.5
Baseband version: 62.505.20.17H_2.22.19.261
Kernel version: 2.6.27-00392-g8312bafDan@Lab709 )
Build number: 20090506 Hero_Generic_WWE #
Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with Cupcake yet so I’m not sure which of the nitty gritty detials can be credited to a Cupcake upgrade vs. Hero build, but hopefully some commenters can weigh in on this. Haykuro also provided some screenshots:

The Music Player was my favorite part but the new Calendar and Browser Windows look pretty darn slick as well. Based on the XDA Dev thread, Haykuro is only 17 years old and if you’re hoping to get the files so you can put them on your own G1, you’ll be disappointed – for legal reasons he won’t be releasing the build. So we’ll just continue to drool.

[Via XDA-Devs]

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  1. I’m sure it’ll be released, somehow, somewhere.

  2. i hope this gets released

  3. me thinks i just jizzed

  4. Boo…Google removed it. Did anyone save the video before it was taken down? I want to see it!

  5. Ooo I like how the music is organized now. It looks much better. And the new icons look nifty too. ^^

  6. The HTC Sync was available in the H builds that are already available. This build looks like some system app improvements (Calendar, Music, etc..) and theming, along with a couple addons to the Settings – personalization and social network. Also appears this one has the Mail app with Exchange.

  7. The Social Network in Settings is NOT in Cupcake…meaning that’s something HTC added for their Hero build.

    I agree, the calendar and music players look amazing.

  8. I like how you can switch between webpages. Looks like the ‘Cards’ technology used by Palm in the WebOS for the upcoming Palm Pre with it’s apps.

    If Android add that, it would be fire.

  9. In your video you mention the Calendar being Google Calendar. It is NOT the Google Calendar. HTC builds of Android (this one included) do NOT use Google apps. Google apps include GMail, GTalk, Google Sync (which includes contact syncing), and Market). Also, the “Social Network” option is not part of Cupcake. It is something custom to the Hero ROM and HTC.

  10. yeah they got it with HTC MAGIC that does not have a With Google on the back on the phone.


  11. i like it alot,
    i may have to toss the G1 when the Hero is released..

  12. When do we get to see your pretty face?

  13. Are we sure theese new features are HTC Hero specific? Can it not be what later might be firmware 2.0 “Donut”?

  14. IS this just for the HTC hero
    I love the look on how it look
    it look really nice
    it way better then the one it has now

  15. the cupcake upgrade looks nothing like this

  16. “Based on the XDA Dev thread, Haykuro is only 17 years old and if you’re hoping to get the files so you can put them on your own G1, you’ll be disappointed – for legal reasons he won’t be releasing the build. So we’ll just continue to drool”

    Why not, it is open source, meaning free to distribute however you see fit.

  17. I have the build it really bogs the g1 processor even overclocked. not really worth your time.

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