May 7th, 2009

desktopSorry, I couldn’t resist the meme. But just after playing with it for a few minutes it’s worth downloading this desktop alternative, if for nothing else to bring a little smile to your face. It does a fairly good job of mimicking the iPhone desktop, albeit with some quirks. However it does take its own approach to the slide lock of the iPhone. What would you call this? Circle lock, spin lock, twist lock?  It is lacking widget support, and you aren’t able to mount up your SD card when you plug it up.  I asked our dedicated FAQ monitor, justjimjpc,  to check it out for himself, and he has reported some issues.  Through our powers of deduction we believe that it’s because he is running his applications off the SD card.

However, what is nifty is that you can install downloaded apks directly from AppsDesktop without the need for another applications.  It also tries to use other desktop alternative’s themes, with limited success.


For now, this one gets a three starts from me.



I have no idea what’s going on with the Market lately.  While I still see the application as available a lot of you aren’t.  As a result, here is a link to download the apk:<image removed>

Cupcake only.  My bad, guys.