Miss Your iPhone? There’s an App for that: AppsDesktop


desktopSorry, I couldn’t resist the meme. But just after playing with it for a few minutes it’s worth downloading this desktop alternative, if for nothing else to bring a little smile to your face. It does a fairly good job of mimicking the iPhone desktop, albeit with some quirks. However it does take its own approach to the slide lock of the iPhone. What would you call this? Circle lock, spin lock, twist lock?  It is lacking widget support, and you aren’t able to mount up your SD card when you plug it up.  I asked our dedicated FAQ monitor, justjimjpc,  to check it out for himself, and he has reported some issues.  Through our powers of deduction we believe that it’s because he is running his applications off the SD card.

However, what is nifty is that you can install downloaded apks directly from AppsDesktop without the need for another applications.  It also tries to use other desktop alternative’s themes, with limited success.


For now, this one gets a three starts from me.



I have no idea what’s going on with the Market lately.  While I still see the application as available a lot of you aren’t.  As a result, here is a link to download the apk:<image removed>

Cupcake only.  My bad, guys.

Tyler Miller

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  1. Where do I get it. I would like to try it.

  2. If you have the Barcode Scanner for your phone, scan the QR code in the article.

  3. Says app not found when I scan the barcode and when I search for appsdesktop. Working for anyone else?

  4. just tried it. no luck :(

  5. I get app not found both when i scan the QR code and when i search for AppsDesktop. Oddly however, Cyrket finds it just fine.

    (I’m on a stock G1 on the East Coast on T-Mobile USA if that makes any difference.)

  6. Under Market on my G1 I searched under iPhone and a bunch of mimicking themes were layed out!!

  7. If others are having problems I’m wondering if maybe the developer pulled it from the market for some reason. Too bad if so…

  8. Barcode Scanner does not point me to where I can download this app. Anybody have a direct url? Or an appropriate name if it’s in the market.

  9. Someone that has the program, should upload it and link it to us. I would love to try it out.

  10. Sorry guys! Try the second QR code, it’s a direct link to download the apk from your browser.

  11. I found the URL, but I cannot locate it. Apparently I’m missing something. Any thoughts?

  12. @Tyler – Nevermind my last comment.

  13. With the APK you linked to in the second QR code, i’m getting “Application Install Unsuccessful” …Sorry to go here, but…FAIL

  14. I can download it from but it will not install. Any suggestions?

  15. Umm still no luck…I’m running unmodded rc33 maybe that’s why? Also y did u delete the other link?

  16. Ali: I realized that this application is only for cupcake. Without it you will not be able to download it from the market. As such, I removed the link to sqash any unnecessaary frustration from 1.1 user.

  17. Thanks Tyler will jfs 1.5 work?

  18. Tried it outon my UK G1 (recently updated to cupcake) and its pretty nifty, quite nice to use and it also uses your previously aquired OpenHome skins, although not ALL of them. Still a few teething problems though, and it can lag a wee bit during use. I await the June release with much enthusiasm. I’d even pay for it!!

  19. My bad but does anyone know how to download apps to the memory card? and not the phones internal memory

  20. Nice post! I believe QR Code will be the ‘code’ of the future because it can contain so much more information than the conventional codes that we’re using.

    Recently, we came up with a marketing campaign using http://www.beqrious.com for the QR Code and we tried to educate people about how useful these codes are.

    Slowly but surely…..we’re on our way, I would say. :-)

  21. This is the app: http://www.cyrket.com/package/com.lefutura.appsdesktop

    Name: AppsDesktop (Protoype 1.5)
    Creator: LeFutura

    Forum: http://www.lefutura.com/forum

    Is a very cool home app.

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