Apr 28th, 2009

samsung_i7500While the HTC Magic is plotting an all-out European Tour of its own, some attention has been diverted to the first ever Samsung Android Phone – the Samsung i7500. And if Mobile.nu (translated) is right , it will touch down in Denmark this September, giving the HTC Magic some room to breath and citizens of Denmark reason to anxiously celebrate.

Samsung says that it is ready in the shops until September, but they indicate no price on the phone. The speculation, however, that it has a relatively low price of around 2500 dollars.

As far as I can tell, the intentions of the English translation are to say that the phone will be found in shops IN September and most of you aren’t used to $2500 being “a relatively low price” (you aren’t ballin’) because 2500 is actually Danish Krone which comes to about $440 USD. That’s assumedly before contract and rebate and all that jazz.

So, Danish Phandroids, how do you feel? Don’t get your hopes up that you’ll be the first with the i7500 because not only is this just a rumor but as we saw yesterday, another carrier/country could easily pick it up with an earlier surprise launch.

[Thanks Søren!]

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