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dataviz-androidWay back in December 2008 we told you all that Dataviz was coming to Android. Here we are 4 months later and we’re happy to tell you that Documents To Go by Dataviz is now on the Android Market! Why should you be so excited? I’m glad you asked.

If you own a T-Mobile G1, HTC Dream or HTC Magic you can now view, edit and create Microsoft Word and Excel files plus sync Exchange Server e-mail, contacts and attachments. Wowzers for real. The application is highly anticipated and this thing should get plenty of action if it works as advertised – and Dataviz has a pretty solid history of providing great mobile

If you purchase Dataviz through the Android Market now it is only $19.99 but at some point it will increase to $29.99 so you might want to act fast. We’re going to give this thing a spin and let you know how it goes so stay tuned. Another thing you might want to stay tuned for is RoadSync. The beta version is now on Android Market and is currently FREE until May 31st, 2009 when we presume they’ll come out with the full version. Dataviz describes RoadSync as providing, “secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail, contacts and attachments – all in one affordable, scalable and easy to manage package.”

FYI it currently has 3.5 stars and 100 to 500 downloads meaning they’ve made AT LEAST $2000 bucks since launch. Will they get your $20 – why or why not?

[Via Press Release]

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  1. Yay! … Oh wait.. no paid apps in Denmark… :-(

  2. $20 is way 2 expensive 4 any app, no matter how nice it is. Id buy it maybe if its at max, $10.

  3. @shoob – what if it was a $20 app that paid you $21 when you bought it.

  4. LOL @ Rob.

    While I’d like to have this, truth is I had a windows mobile device for 2 years before picking up my G1 and I rarely used the doc and excel editing features that it boasted. If I were more the business type then I’m sure this would be a must-have and I think $19.99 is a reasonable price. If they bump it to $29.99 I’d say it would be pretty hard to justify for all but the most hard-cord business user.

  5. $19.99? Where’s PowerPoint and PDF? No thanks! I still can’t believe these formats are all supported by Blackberry phones right out of the box, but we still can’t get a All-in-One solution for Android. Let’s take advantage of this Open Source advantage we have. Come on!!!

  6. if shoob won’t pay more than $10, he better be willing to miss out on the innovations due the G1. $9.99 sounds like the domain of home screen replacements, and really nice soundboards …

  7. I would pay up to $20 for full version with all features (Word, Excel, Power Point at least)

    $29 is too much

  8. What we really need is OpenOffice Android!! :) I know it would probably never happen… but one can dream.

  9. Here is the biggest kick in the teeth for a $20 app, there is no spell check in the Word To Go application.

  10. geez you guys complaining about $20. a beer nowadays is $4-6 and you only get to use it for like 10 minutes.

  11. That’s funny you guys don’t like the price while you have the G phone for which you paid $200 at the start and then at least 70 bucks per month. Most likely close to a hundred. You know – people who will need this app – they will buy it.

  12. Just a question.
    When will u be making Powerpoint and PDF??!!

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