Mar 28th, 2009

When we heard that GrandCentral was becoming Google Voice, we were nothing short of absolutely excited, as were many of you. But in Phandroid Podcast: Episode 2, we questioned how many people would adopt Google Voice if it meant having to be issued a new phone number to use the service. That hassle would have been a huge barrier for Google to overcome. Would have been.

The Google Voice Help page has this to say:

Although you can’t currently port your existing number to Google Voice, we hope to offer this option in the near future. Please tell us if this is a feature you’d like to see in Google Voice.

Pure awesomeness. Make sure you click on that “tell us” link above and click “Suggest It” next to “Port a number to Google Voice”. I would absolutely LOVE to have Google Voice but would be hesitant about getting a new number.  Now that I know it is possible, there isn’t a solitary chance that I will use Google Voice until I can port my existing number for use as my main contacting number. Then, depending on who was calling me, etc… it would forward to the appropriate phone:


Further reassurance comes with the fact the fact that if you DID have Google Voice and wanted to STOP using it, you could take your number with you to another provider. From Google Voice Help:

We’re excited to count you among our users, and we want to continue to earn your business every day. We don’t lock you into minimum commitment contracts, charge you activation fees, or make it impossible for you to leave. If you want to move to another service provider and take your Google number with you, you can do so at any time.

When it was initially announced, I was excited. Now, I’m kind of obsessed. God, if you are reading this, please send someone down here to bring me a Google Voice Beta Invite. And tell Santa I want an Android Netbook for Christmas. I’ve been a good boy.

UPDATE: A member in #androidforums IRC channel had this to say to me:

<Swizzy> Just read your post, trigatch4.  I see that you voted for number porting, but not for the Android app.  FOR SHAME



[Via Lifehacker]