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Palm Pre Coming April 30th


palm-pre9Android is going to have some stiff competition in about a month – the rumor just leaked that the Palm Pre is launching on April 30th.

But this is an Android website, why the heck do we care? Well, we’d like to take a moment to welcome into our family of websites. Since the day Google Android was announced, we built this website for people like us who loved the idea of Android and were excited for everything it meant to the mobile industry. Android can certainly take credit for much of this push towards open systems, application platforms and general awareness about the potential power of smartphones. WebOS is following the footsteps of Android.

Palm has fans just like us Phandroids and they deserve the same type of outlet for information and entertainment. will bring that to them. I don’t want to say too much about the Palm Pre but it’s launch IS significant to Android enthusiasts who are looking at the bigger picture. Personally, I think it’s more like the iPhone than Android, but we’ll be talking about that in the Podcast to be published Monday. Competition forces businesses to up their game and offer better products and services at cheaper prices. Android fans should be happy about this!

So there you have it. The Palm Pre on April 30th and iPhone 3.0 right around the corner as well. The HTC Magic is coming up soon, too and of course we’ve got the rumored HTC Hero. As for when the tsunami of robots will bring Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Garmin and more Android Phone’s to us is anyone’s guess. Oh yeah, and we could go for an Android Netbook soon, too.

[Via Palm WebOS]

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  1. Rob – how many sites in the family now? What are they?

  2. Well you know about the Android members of the Family… and – in the next few weeks there will hopefully be another member but that’s a bit of a secret ;)

    In addition to there is which covers the entire industry and we’ve turned – originally about the LG Voyager – into a site that “Voyages” everything Verizon.

  3. just an FYI, the first link is broken.

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