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adc2The first Android Developer Challenge (ADC) put a ton of money up for grabs and did a great job at jump starting interest as far as developing for the Android platform. Since the beginning there were plans for a second Android Developer Challenge (ADC2) and we were promised details to be announced by the end of 2008.

That never happened and in January 2009 we asked why. We’re finally getting some answers…

Via the Android Developers Google Group, Android Developer Advocate Dan Morrill writes:

Regarding the second Developer Challenge, it definitely isn’t canceled but we haven’t announced plans for it yet.  We said we would by last year (sorry about that), but we’re still working on how to structure it.  The world is quite a bit different now than it was when we ran the first ADC, so we want to make sure the new rules/structure make sense, and we are of course taking into consideration everyone’s experiences with the first ADC.  The second ADC will definitely not be a clone of the first ADC.

We expect to have all this finalized and announce rules within a couple months.  The event itself will likely run in the second half of the year.

Better late than never. However, it’ll be interesting to see what format and rules come with ADC2. There were a bunch of complaints in ADC1 concerning non-disclosure agreements for SDK and APIs that were only released to a select group of developers, long delays in communication between Google and developers and more. It’ll be interesting to see how they restructure ADC2 to be even more successful than the first.

One group who will definitely win is consumers and Android fans. We get to see existing and newly inspired developers put a huge amount of effort into the most innovative mobile apps on the planet. For me, ADC2 can’t come soon enough.

[Via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Fingers crossed that someone develops a Xvid player

  2. Thanks for posting. I’ve been anxiously awaiting at least “some” news. Nice to hear it’s not canceled.

  3. Very good to hear, I was afraid that ADC 2 had been unceremoniously dumped due to the economy.

  4. Looking forward to ADC 2!

    “ran out of time” for the first one…

  5. i’m asking if moroccan pepole can also participate in the adc2. if that how can i subscribe to the chalenge and do i have to pay anything to submmit my app ?

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