HTC Magic Manual Leaks… Magically


Are you one of the many people hoping to get your hands on the HTC Magic when it launches next month? Well a little magic trick by borce_razor at XDA Developers has made the HTC Magic manual appear out of thin air – literally! They, “Found somewhere over the net” whatever that means *wink wink*


You can download the HTC Magic Manual here and take a gander for yourself. Be advised that almost two months have passed since this document was updated, so it very well could have changes coming down the pipe. After all, the manual still refers to it as the HTC Sapphire and not the HTC Magic. But I guess HTC refers to their own devices differently even after carriers launch it – like the HTC Dream.

The Manual is 91 pages long and I’m not nearly bored enough to read the whole thing, so all I really did was skim over the chapters. Maybe it’ll become bathroom material, who knows. I’ve copied the chapters below, feel free to blow off all your prior engagements and read this thing end to end tonight and let us know what you come up with:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Device Disassembling and Assembling Procedure
  • Chapter 3: ROM Re-flash Procedure
  • Chapter 5: Power measurement test
  • Chapter 6: Cosmetic Inspection Criteria
  • Chapter 7: Generic Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 8: Generic Labeling Plan
  • Chapter 9: Generic Spare Part List and Photos
  • Chapter 10: RF Antenna Specification

All the specs you could ever imagne… Enjoy!

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  1. Looks like the leaked dream manual…
    I like the detailed views of hoe to take it apart and get it together again ;-)

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