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We could be either really impressed or really disappointed with the Motorola Android phone, rumored to be coming out near the end of 2009. While they’re public MWC showing was incredibly lackluster, there is a Moto Brewr heating. The next few Moto announcements won’t have too much substance but according to Eldar Murtazin, something big (for better or worse) is about to pop off:

The biggest surprise of the show? Motorola –no doubt about it. 100, 1000 percent. Elegant and very unusual. Common words hide very uncommon things. Someone smart, very smart joined the company. And clearly with the experience not from the University bench.

Disinformation is pouring through all the channels inside the company and everyone gets his own, different spin. The foot solders get one part of the picture, which, while using the right words totally confuses true meaning. Middle management gets confided with a bigger part of the story, as a “big secret”. Higher level managers outside the States get one more peace of the puzzle. But even the partners of the company do not have the full info.

Everyone is confused, competitors won’t even look Motorola’s way, which allows it to do some very unusual things.

Will it work or not? I won’t say. Actually I can’t say, because I’m not sure myself yet. The basic idea is very simple and elegant. It could work.

But before it get’s public, there will still be some announcements of the models we are used to. So do not expect anything exciting from the next few announcements. They are just placeholders.

They continue to say 2 very divergent things:

  • Motorola could use the chassis from one of their cancelled devices such as the RAZR3 as the basis of their Android effort
  • RAZR styled but somewhat of a new form factor


/Lamo Moto Photoshoppr

Any guesses to how a RAZR styled phone – which we all are very familiar with – could represent/include a new style of form factor in and of itself? The article continues to say:

The most interesting thing about the new Motorola Android phone is that it is not targeting the mass market. It’s aiming towards the truly  luxury one. Something on the theme of Moto Aura – expensive chassis and unusual services, somewhat comparable to Concierge from Vertu.

Lets hope that, unlike the Aura, the MotoDroid has 3G.

One troubling issue about this whole thing is that a luxury phone, during these economic times, probably isn’t going to be the thing to pull Motorola out of its handset division woes. It needs a commercial, mass market success that is affordable enough to push volume. THAT is what Moto needs to be working on and I hope they are. Sure, it can tug at your luxury heartstrings but when it comes down to it Moto needs something BIGR than a marked up RAZR with Android.

Or does it?

[Via UnwiredView]

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  1. We need a cheap everyday consumer android capable phone. Nothing mroe, nothing less. If you want yours to be a luxury phone just bedazzle it haha

  2. That is a really small screen….

  3. @Diane – That’s the RAZR3 with an Android UI poorly photoshopped on there.

  4. The tan sections have some of the worst spelling and grammar I have seen on a blog in a while.

  5. This looks/feels similar to the “Ming” phone. The concept of touch/flip failed miserably for Motorola and the Ming american counterpart failed to make it. Android OS isn’t gonna push this into even the hands of a luxury customer, who could find MUCH better in the luxury phone market.

  6. Hi Rob! I know, but I’m hoping that when they say they’re going to use the RAZR “style” or whatever that they’ll at least make it bigger! =D

  7. I specially like the off the screen approach of the angle image. lol.

  8. BTW.. joking aside.. motorola and luxury phone are 2 words that shouldn’t be put together.. their phones are ok but their designs are not the best.. I would put my money on sony ericsson to come up with a truly ass kicking android luxury phone.. if that is what people want. Motorola should just stick to making every person phones (but with android ;P).

  9. If anyone remembers, the original RAZR was also introduced as a luxury phone, and that was the only target that Moto had for it.

    Little did Moto know that it was going to blow up into one of the best selling mass market phones ever, and eventually went for $0 on a contract.

    Moral of the story: Motorola isn’t the best predictor of their phone’s target audience.

  10. @daniel – the offscreen image is because Motorola has a secret holographic technology that allows the screen image to float in mid-air. hehe jk.

  11. I thought the ming was hot… ;-( it failed because it had Verizon nappy-phone OS on it. Anyone feel the Touch Pro2 w/ Android? Maybe the new Samsung phone will have a similar design. I want a phone that looks like it was from Tron.

  12. A concierge in the phone like vertu, but based on artificial intelligence?
    Siri is going public this year, and it’s targeting smartphones.

  13. It looks like the razor! There is nothing special about it, I love my G1 by T-Mobile! It looks different, and its is just perfect!

  14. We can make it from gold and it well be really luxury

  15. The luxury end is nice, but what about the number of people who work & play hard outdoors … Tundra was supposed to be the rugged phone.. may be rugged but it is very stupid.

    garden fence

  16. at the moment there is only 1 luxury phone company and that’s VERTU. I bought a Vertu Ascent Porsche Special Edition from

  17. I REALLY like the idea of an Android flip phone. They look cool, but usually are not all that functional. Think of the Blackberry Pearl Flip, for instance. But they are still cool to look at…the more choice consumers have, the better. This wouldn’t be a bad phone, but not really a “luxury” item. This would be a good $99 phone with a 2 year contract.

  18. Eigentlich bin ich ja nicht so der “Blog-Fan” aber nach deinem Artikel

  19. The mobile market is having to run just to keep up at the moment. There are huge developments in both quality and style which definately makes it an exciting market to buy into.

    Spencer :-)

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