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File this in your WTF category until further notice but according to Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review (via UnwiredView) Google already has partners working on Android 3.0 with closed demos of the OS on real handsets shown at MWC 2009. Right now we’re on Version 1, Version 2 was labeled “pretty sad” and Version 3 was called “fantastic”. They say Version 3 will launch in mid 2010 and Version 4 will come in 2011.


From UnwiredView:

Android is pretty well stuck right now, because of Google, which does not really want to strongly promote Android devices yet. They have a key partner – HTC – which already released phones (Dream, Magic) based on Android 1.0. The first release of Android OS – it’s  Google making a claim for the future position in mobile OS market. It is  more like a marketing tool to train the  public on Android and also to give the developers a live device to make the apps for.

No, the HTC Magic has not yet been released so that one error makes me cautious of the rest of the article. However, the source of these rumors – Eldar Murtazin – is indeed a heavily connected expert in the mobile world. Unfortunately his blog is written in Russian as is the Podcast which was listed as an article source. Google translate was unhelpful in tracking the info back to Murtazin on his personal blog OR Mobile-Review.

UPDATE: Stasys from UnwiredView contacted me and let me know that the Android related information from their post was in the podcast. The podcast is in Russian so I’ll have to trust him on it – which I don’t mind doing as UnwiredView has proved to be a reliable info source. Russian speaking readers feel free to listen and chime in below!

The whole comment that Version 2 is “pretty sad” is quite irritating. We’re on Version 1 right now and I would already consider Android “pretty good”. How you can knock Android for what it has quickly become is beyond me? Look at the cruddy proprietary junk that mobile carriers have been launching for years and years. Compare Android to those devices, which still dominate the market, and I would love to know how Android anything can be considered “pretty sad”.

Perhaps I’m just a patriot being a little too defensive. Note that while Android 3.0 and 4.0 got a timeline of mid-2010 and 2011 respectively (based on the rumor), nothing was said about the release date for Android 2.0.

If these rumors are true, I’m thinking that these various version have a big part to play in why all of these different manufacturers are experiencing delays with Android. If they had a Version 1 device planned and know that Version 2 is coming out very soon, wouldn’t it be worth reworking their plans a little bit? And perhaps some don’t mind waiting until 2010 for their biggest offerings – it DOES take time to fully plan, develop and manufacture a phone.

All this is very, very interesting to me and I’m eager to read some reactions from other industry sources. Oh yeah, and I would consider Phandroid Readers an industry source so get your comment thang on below! And if there are any Russian speaking Phandroids out there… your assistance would be appreciated!

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  1. Maybe its a case of version 2 not meeting all the goals they set out for it? Instead of trying to make do everything they want, they simply chose to move on?

  2. Maybe version2 was based on some kind of platform that they thought may be ideal for some processes, and they figured they’d give it a go to see if it could handle the rest of the phone as well, and shortly they realized it wouldn’t and decided to scrap it and just go to the next idea on the drawing board.

    On a somewhat related note: I know a chick that works at google and they have SICK ASS PHONE SKINS with custom android artwork. I’m gonna get her to hook one up for me, and I’ll ask if she’s got any inside buzz about Android V.2 or 3.

  3. With all the Cupcake whiners out there, did anyone stop to think that maybe Version 2 is Cupcake? maybe. maybe not. Cupcake could even be 1.5.

    Something doesnt sound right in that article, why could they continue on with version 3 when they could just call version 3, version 2? Then say version 1.5 was sad. Thats like Microsoft jumping to Windows 9 and saying 7 and 8 were sad. They dont do that, they simply call them Betas and the final name is 7.

  4. @Jonn.N – keep us posted

    @Rich – I agree with your criticism. To take it one step further, maybe Version 3 is Cupcake! Nobody really knows. But I think one thing to get across is that the Android out there now is like a newborn baby. This thing is only going to develop, grow and become more powerful and if you ask me, it is already pretty darn awesome.

  5. I agree with you Rich. Seems odd.

    I would also wonder if G1 users will see full OS version updates on their current device. I can put newer versions of OS’s on my existing hardware (usually) so I would hope there is some backwards compatibility built in.

  6. I’m guessing Android 2.0 will be for Netbook devices launched towards the end of this year. Initially it will look “pretty sad” when compared to WinXP, Vista or Ubuntu. At least until some advanced applications are developed.

  7. Personally, “Android 1.0” is frankly better than any other phone platform I’ve used, except MAYBE the iPhone, and that’s debtable.

    Better than Symbian … Symbian has some more features, but Android’s user experience is better.

    Better than Blackberry … ugh, awful piece of crap that platform is. All it has is business apps, but the presentation/etc.? absolute crap.

    Better than the custom OS’s by a ton.

    I have to admit I haven’t used WinMo much, but I doubt I ever would anyway.

    As for the iPhone … there’s some UI things that Android could do better. But what Android’s problem isn’t “sad” or “deficiency”, it’s that it just hasn’t had time to grow its feature set and application set yet. That’s not matter of “2.0”, that’s just a matter of giving the app developers a little more time to deliver the goods.

  8. I would like to add to my previous comment though..

    Android kicks Ass! This G1 is by far, the best, most user friendly phone I have ever used. If this phone never got another update again, I’d still be happy with it. Maybe 2.0 IS lame, ask Bill Gates.. how many times have they tried to “improve” something, only to screw it up in the end. Also, now that Ive had more time to think about the drastic jump from version to version.. maybe… just maybe.. they’re experimenting with entirely rewritten kernels hence the reason for the big jumps. Keep up the great info hunting skills Rob!

  9. I think the only thing sad about Android is its total non-existence in Canada. Get exposed android there is more then just the USA for market. I hope the Magic changes this as it is “said” to be released in Europe and other regions.

    Anyway I wonder how different the phone needs to be to be compatible with the next version of Android?

    Why can I not just upgrade since it runs like Java. Java is built on a cross platform bases as it runs of a virtual-layer that can be applied to whatever hardware its other counterparts could run on.

  10. Talk of 3.0 and no “cupcake”, sort of like buying ingredients for the Entree without ever being served the appetizer.

  11. I am excited to hear that there may be huge leaps and developments going on with the android platform, I’m also happy to hear that the android team is keeping busy on its platform.

    However, It leaves me to worry… With the talk of these new versions, are they going to leave us early adopters in the dust? I have a G1 and I dont know the limits of its hardware, but it feels like the os pushes the limits of the phone already… I hope these new versions have major improvements, I just hope I dont have to upgrade to get my hands on a new version of android… but maybe thats just the case. My XP machine probably couldnt handle vista, just like an old Imac couldnt run Leopard.

    Oh well, i guess thats just how it works. But the thing is… are they gonna bust out a hardware trumping version too soon where I’ll have to dish out another wad of money for a new device at full price before my contract is up? (I cant renew my contract and get that new customer/contract price until a couple of years)

    Probably going to get screwed, would google do that to me?

  12. I’m afraid that the biggest mistake Google made was to release the G1 with waaaay to little internal memory, and a processor that wasn’t quite what it should have been to power future updates.

    The only way I think that they would be able to fairly correct this, would be to offer new phones with physical keyboards, 1 gig of memory, and more powerful processers to existing owners at the $179 or lower price. Those of us who are under contract for another two years, and have been doing their beta testing, writing programs, etc. shouldn’t have to wait until our contract is up if we can’t afford $400 or more to replace our underpowered phones. Think about it. We can buy very basic computers for $300 or less.

    As early adopters/beta testers/developers, we should demand nothing less. Without us, Android wouldn’t be developing this fast. Google is doing well with Android, and they need to help out the little guys who bought their sub-par devices, and helped to make Android successful.

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