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When it comes to mobile phone accessories, sometimes simplicity is the route best (and least) travelled. Take for example this handy little $6 phone stand from InnovationWednesday that allows you to stand your phone up (plugged in) for use watching video, using as an alarm clock, or however else it might suit your tastes:


Realizing it IS Wednesday, here is a video for those who tend to go braindead by the middle of the work week:

And for those who might not be brain dead but aren’t thinking “proactively” at the moment, a little note by OKRB20DET on the YouTube video points out:

why would i wanna have my G1 sideways? the screen doesn’t rotate yet. so you would have to open the keyboard to see things right-side up….

There could always be an app on the market that auto-displays in landscape, but for basic purposes, this is a gripe you have to acknowledge. Either way, I’m sure Innovation Wednesday will be making these for future Android devices that DO have sensitive accelerometers and for $6 its a nifty simple accessory.

[Via CrunchGear]

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  1. The comment is clearly appropriate as they didn’t turn on either device in their video.

    I would like the ability to also not have to use the cord.

    I could see a slight modification where the cord snap area flips down allowing a vertical dock option.

  2. DoggCatcher is a podcast management app and it orients video without having to open the keyboard.

  3. Well… I think the youtube player defaults to landscape, among others. However the best use would be for Night Clock – a landscape digital clock, very similar to what’s displayed in the still picture.

  4. I use NightClock at night, displays similar to the pic but the number font is different. It displays in landscape mode no matter what orientation you have it set at. Recommended app if you want to recreate this photo. Does anyone know what they’re displaying on that phone in the pic?

  5. use the bedside app. you can chose 2 different fonts.

  6. $5.99, ouch!

  7. you can enable auto rotate if you have root access. this stand would worrk perfectly then, no need to open the screen..

    Rooted G1 Rc33 JFV1.4
    had modded rc30 w custom themes

    doubleokneegro xda

  8. There is a product on the market called Bat Rest that allows phone to be used (horizontal) with our without power.

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