Acer Phone Pic Leaks, With Android?


Last week, computer manufacturer Acer announced that they would be unveiling a smartphone, setting the stage for a February 16th event in Barcelona, Spain at the 2009 Mobile World Congress:


Up until now all we really knew was that Acer was making a smartphone. But with less than 2 weeks before the Mobile World Congress we’re hearing that Acer will be unveiling at least TWO phones and a picture of one of them has just leaked:


Interesting little setup they got going with the vertical screen, eh? If it could swivel horizontal and vertical, it might be an attractive feature. The person who leaked this picture said they weren’t sure if it ran Windows Mobile or Android. Which means… it might run Android. Not only that, but Acer also has an iPhone competitor launching aka a touchscreen only device. I wonder if that has Android?

It looks like the clouds are opening up and Mobile World Congress 2009 might shine some of the Android heavens down upon us earthlings and robot droids. Opinions on Acer’s phones? Will either have Android and if so, which/both?

[Via BGR]

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  1. Those keys look nicely spaced and a dedicated number row too. Nice job Acer…if it runs Android.

  2. The other smarthphone in question is probably this: http://theandroidsite.com/?p=114
    A rebranded E-Ten phone running windows mobile. Still no telling, they could put Android on either.

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