Opera Mini 4.2 For Android – Now In Market!


The beta version of Opera Mini for Android got its fair share of complaints, for example, the inability to play videos. But after lots of bug fixing and feedback offering, Opera Mini 4.2 has finally been launched in the Android Market and comes with a host of improvements:

  • Now you can upload and download files through Opera Mini and save pages for offline viewing
  • Videos will be redirected to the system’s video player
  • Double tap now works for zooming in and out
  • Inline URL entry instead of using native input
  • Fixed password text entry to hide characters
  • Fixed problems with exiting application when back button was pressed
  • Improved trackball speed
  • All internal pages, like the start page, now have font size extra large for easier navigation

Give it a try and see how you like it compared to the “Chrome Lite” that runs as the default browser on Android and the G1. Lets see if we can’t get a group consensus here.


[Via Opera]

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  1. I’m perfectly fine with the built in browser. Opera is still jumpy and I’d like to be able to scroll fast by throwing the page, if you know what I mean.

    Its a nice browser, just isn’t that special for me to use it.

  2. Steel all the way for me so far…tho i’ll check the updated version of this tonight.

  3. I’m kinda pissed that the new update of Steel wants to open other windows sometimes…so, although I didnt like the original Opera, I’ll check out the new version

  4. awkward, jumpy.
    Filling in text fields is a pain in the neck.
    Why won’t it let me type a slash in a url?


  5. Is it just me, or is the search function broken? Awkward UI. Ditto to Chad F on the rapid page scrolling.

  6. I have samsung 900 cant get mini opera to work on my phone,

  7. It’s fast but it doesn’t play youtube videos or show youtube links on other sites and blogs.

  8. Paano po makakuha ng settings ng operamini 4.2?

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