T-Mobile G2 Pics Leak


Take the G1, remove the keyboard which makes it inherently thinner and give it a smooth as a baby’s butt white shell and what do you have? The HTC-made Android Dream2 which would presumably become the T-Mobile G2:

awesome. Awesome. AWESOME!

The same tipster who gave Giz the pics also said it will hit the market in Mid May. You mean we have to wait 4 months for this? Personally I’m a physical keyboard kinda guy but this thing looks dead sexy and a touch-only device will put Android in hundreds of thousands more hands who crave that form factor.

Pinning this to T-Mobile is probably a hasty conclusion to make as all we really know is it’s made by HTC. But we think its a fair assumption to make considering the circumstances surrounding what carriers currently back Android, the timeframe, the G1 and all that jazz. We’ll keep you posted as details emerge!

[Via Gizmodo]

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  1. Interesting still no flash!

  2. Palm Pre here I come.
    Good Lord….

  3. OMG only 3.2 Mega Pixel???? How 2007, it is now 2009 a minimum of 5 mega pixel & FLASH please. HTC do not make good phone, I hope the Samsung Android is release soon with 5 mega pixel???

  4. No way. Its either a step back or a fake. The htc branding on the back and front of the phone hints that its there for the sake of trying to prove its authenticity. Weak camera and still no flash? Not to mention its uglier than its predecessor. Why would they release a new model when they haven’t milked sales of this one (I’m writing this on my g1) yet?

  5. Does this really look sexy??

    It looks Fisher Price EZ-Bake oven to me. I don’t get what happened to HTC’s design department. This is the same company that created the Touch HD, right?

  6. That phone looks like crap! No real keyboard and no flush buttons? No Thanks, I’ll keep my G1.

  7. for android & htc’s sake i hope that is not the real g2. i was already heavily leaning towards the palm pre but kept an eye open toward the next anroid phone. if this is all they have to offer, then man the only thing i’ve got to wait for is the pre to actually come out. and to the writer who said this is sexy….really…are you kidding me………buttons on that thing look like a pain in the ass, the color sucks, and no keyboard, come on……puke.

  8. Yeah, this is really not sexy.

    The ONLY form factor that a touchscreen-only phone should have should be a FULL screen with as little bevel and buttons as possible. The HTC MAX 4G is a good example of what I’m talking about:


    IMO, the touchscreen phone of the future will be ALL screen: no bevel or front buttons. Now THAT will be sexy.

  9. This is tthe new g2…I work for tmobile and have seen it…the only diff from what is here is that it does have a 5 mp camera…there is no keyboard on the g2 which I do not like…and it will be launching to tmobile by mid may the latest

  10. omg tha phone iz so fukin cool

  11. i have no idea about you guys. my ideal phone would be philips with an android os. good battery life and good OS. anyway, i’m a person that always forgot to charge my battery. cheers.


  13. Don’t like the white…illlkkk.. 3.2 mega pixel …illlkk..love my keyboard..when u have nails touch screen can b annoying..also my G1 may be a lil chunky but 2 me ..chunky means sturdy..but a red, purple, pink and brown or grey g1 would b sweet 4 the summer..also can I get a music dock system 4 my G1..now that’s what’s up ..4 a reasonable price. …so in conclusion love my G1 now get cracking on my dock

  14. I KNOW for shure this can’t be it. It Doesn’t fit the Description. Check This Out;

  15. Why would they come out with a g2 without working out the kinks of the g1, I dont get it are they just idiots.

  16. Well.. I am a very happy owner or a G1 n I jus think the G2 looks crappy.. havin an all touch screen frustrates the crap out of ppl some times because u might touch more than one key.. that’s why I love mine.. I love the keybord.. wouldn’t trade it for any other phone..

  17. This phone just got worse it was already bad at the G1 and now it just got worse with the G2 HTC is making some really bad phones. I hope not a lot of people buy this phone. If anything i would buy the G1 better than the G2.

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