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Steve Horowitz, Chief Technology Officer at Google and the lead engineer for Android, has left the company to take a position at At first the move seems like getting out of a concept car to accept keys to a Geo Metro, but if you ask me the move makes sense.

The foundation of Android is complete and while there is still a ton of work to be done, Horowitz has already laid the groundwork for Android’s worldwide success. People like Steve Horowitz aren’t the type to just bask in their success for a few years after the hard work is done… they CRAVE a challenge.

The Press Release says it all:

“ has fast become one of the world’s leading online brands, so this is a very exciting opportunity,” said Horowitz. “The company is at a pivotal point in its business, and I am eager to help further advance its development and deployment of new platforms and services for digital promotions.”

Think about WHY the company is at a pivotal point in time. One of the most promising “yet to be made” mobile applications is one where you can view coupons based on things like your current location, your shopping list, products you scan, your wish list, etc… and who better to lead into the mobile couponing millenium than Steve Horowitz, the man who helped revolutionize mobile apps?

If Horowitz can help create the first mobile couponing app that offers geographic breadth and product offering depth then they’ll have a competitive advantage that will be incredibly hard to take down. It would be a HUGE advantage in arguably the biggest growth market in the tech industry… now does that sound like an exciting challenge to take on or what?

I would keep a close eye on and I would also bet that sometime in 2009 they’ll be offering a killer “must have” app on Android, the iPhone and maybe even BlackBerry/Palm/WinMo that will have made the move worthwhile for both and Mr. Horowitz.

According to the Press Release, prior to working with Google, Horowitz has worked at both Microsoft and Apple. Think about that… Apple, Microsoft, Google… and The company MUST have big plans and I’m eager to see them unfold.

But what does that mean for Phandroids around the world? How will the success and growth of Android be affected, if at all?

[Via WSJ, AndroidGuys]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Maybe…

    OR: his salary at Google was no good ;)

  2. I have a few thoughts:

    Google’s bonus was not the usual this year. Upsetting to the CTO maybe.

    Mr. Horowitz wanted to transfer to another area and was rebuffed, upset with the Android direction, upset with fellow co-workers, upset with Google’s direction. Basically some form of corporate politics. can’t have dangled money, it is likely this guy has “enough” but maybe the equity stake was to good to pass up.

    And my last most plausible option:

    With his pedigree and capital it is likely he invests some of his money/time (sweat equity) in a number of ventures either independently or as part of a VC/Angel firm. It is possible that this firm requested or he saw this company “needing” his guiding hand.

    @Rob – I hope you do keep tabs on him and let us know what you find out in the coming months. Maybe you could score an interview with him.

  3. who cares

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