10 HTC Phones in 2009, How Many Androids?


HTC had an amazing 2008 – no doubt. Not only did they increase quarter to quarter revenue by 20%, with nearly $50 billion bucks streaming in, but they also set a new bar for mobile hotness. Everywhere you turned, people were wishing this, that and the other looked more like one of HTC’s new Touch devices. You know… Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch 3G, Touch Diamond…

In fact, when the HTC created T-Mobile G1 was launched, many people were wishing it looked like one of HTC’s other devices. Chances are they won’t have to wish much longer.

According to DigiTimes, HTC is set to release 10 new handsets in 2009. ALL of these devices will be based on either Windows Mobile or Android. That means there is a pretty darn good chance that HTC alone launches 2 or 3 new Android devices in 2009.

That number is just a guess, of course. Your guess is as good as mine. So what do you think? How many Android Phones will HTC release in 2009?

[Via MobileRoar]

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  1. Good news. I am just wondering with G1 will get rid of the yellow screen.

  2. Lets go with 6 ( I have NOTHING to back that up, but throwing it out there ;))

    ,Michael Martin

  3. let’s say 10 since windows mobile is dead ;p

  4. Windows mobile is FAR from dead. I won’t consider any other OS. It does leave room for improvement, but is still the most versatile mobile OS available.

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