Google Sky Lab: Testing Yesterday’s Phones


The Google Mobile Blog confessed what the most frequently asked question regarding their mobile apps is and to be honest… its not at all surprising: “What About My Phone”. People want to know what THEIR phone can do and how it can do it. But with literally THOUSANDS of different phones, the answer to each person’s question is often different. So what gives?

First off, Android gives. Although Android wasn’t mentioned in the blog post, it is a solution to this very question because whether you’re rocking a T-Mobile G1, the new Garmin Android Phone or another Android Device, chances are your answer will be pretty much the exact same. Android was built for stable, consistent and flexible growth.

But for everyone else its a grab bag whether or not Google Mobile Apps will work on your device. And if you don’t believe us… just watch this:

We’ve put together a video that gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our “Sky Lab” that contains over 800 phones for developing, demonstrating, and testing purposes. Although we have so many phones, we currently can’t make all of our products work on all of these phones — we face the same challenges that every developer faces in the mobile industry: we have to choose. So this video also reveals two very different approaches for choosing devices in this industry…

Now if I could only move my office to the Sky Lab I have a feeling that my day would be both more and less productive simultaneously if that makes any sense? Yeah, didn’t think so.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]

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