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I’m not sure how often or under what circumstances you would want to use this app given the fact that you need to be connected to the same WiFi Network, but the fact that it even exists is pretty darn cool. RemoteDroid is an application that can interface with your home computer (PC, Mac or Linux) and act as both a mouse and keyboard.

You can move the mouse with either the trackball or touchscreen and the touchscreen has both right and left mouse buttons, which can be toggled. The keyboard works like a regular keyboard and based on the video, it seems to work just as advertised.

To put RemoteDroid into action, you’ll need to download a server application on the computer you’d like to collab with and you can download it directly from the RemoteDroid website. You’ll need the Android Application for your phone as well, which is available for free in the Android Market.

RemoteDroid was created by Joshua Sera who deserves recognition for making an awesome free app for the market. Now lets get the idea train rolling… how can we extend the functionality/concept of this app to make it even more useful for more people?

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  1. The best application I can see this being used as is a remote for a pc that is connected to your tv, like a Myth Box or whatever. Maybe if you have wireless speakers all over your house that stream music from your computer you can control the computer with this app to change music or whatever. All kinds of neat things that it can be used for in the home depending on how connected your home is.

  2. There is always controlling Slide Shows!

    Also, the ability to freak out someone with a “ghost mouse” should be fun.

  3. Does it just control the pc or is it like an actual remote desktop in which you are actually sharing the screen? If the answer is the later then android phones would be amazing office tools but it would be better to connect via ip instead so that you don’t need to be on the same network. I’m sure the guys at remote droid must have encountered an issue for them not to follow that path, specially since they have a door installed in the computer.

  4. Application does not work,, G-1 phone buttons not working at all except for right click button, but still screen is non-responsive,, I have searched the internet for troubleshooting,but all I get is the ‘how to use it’ video by Mr. Sera, and cannot find out how to fix my issue.. Operating on Windows Vista, please help!

  5. looks to be a very good app but does not work on hero. It does have some very limited functions but wont work properly. on the G1 its amazing when i saw it in action. updates to this program to make it work in hero would be great.

  6. Will you ever create an update for us Mytouch users? Is there a way that you’d be able to integrate our on screen keyboards? I’d love this app so very much if I could just use a keyboard!

    – Jason

  7. Fantastic app. I use it on my samsung moment all the time, however i have recently ran into a problem, I am now deployed to Iraq and I have since tried to use it and I understand that you need to be connected to a wireless network for the application to work. Is there any way around this, or will there be in the future. I have tried changing my phone to a static I.P. address and specified the gateway, ip address, dns servers and the netmask to match that of my computer and still got nothing. please advise of any solutions because I really get a lot of use out of the program.

  8. doesnt work on htc hero phone

  9. Doesn’t work for me. I have an Incredible.

  10. I have the Samsung Vibrant and it will not let me download this app. Any ideas?

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