T-Mobile G2 with Video Calling in January?


File this in the manilla folder labeled “Potential BS” but a Cell Phone Signal Tipster has just dropped a bombshell of Lil John (HHHWHHHAAAT?) that T-Mobile will be launching the G2 on January 26th, 2009. With infomercial fashion we’d like to tell you, “But wait… there’s MORE!”

This T-Mobile G2 would also be HTC made but upgrade the G1 with a 5 Megapixel camera (with auto-focus and flash) and come with a VGA camera as well to support Video Calls! T-Mobile doesn’t yet support any type of video conferencing on mobile devices but the unnamed tipster says the G2 will usher in this new era when it is released in January.

Here is a purported “leaked document” that looks rather unofficial, causing raised sensitivity on the crap-o-meter:

The tipster says that photos will come in the near future, but we’ll believe them when we see them. Even if this T-Mobile G2 is the longest long shot of a rumor on planet earth and you’re scoffing at the fact that this article was writting, you’ve probably got your fingers crossed under the desk.

We do.

[Via CellPhoneSignal]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Don’t post this again…
    EGDE? G1 has 3G !!! they going backwards.
    Are we talking about a chinese knock off here???

  2. Please read before you post. The G2, similar to G1, too is 3G but also capable of connecting to the web using WiFi and EDGE….
    the second feature is 3G and the fifth is WiFi….

    well i am pretty confused at the authenticity of this article, but yes it reads right and pretty possible to me


  3. @ Jo – The second item on the list says 3G capable.

    This would be interesting if it were real. But I believe the coming updates to Android would do more to sell the phone than the things mentioned on this version. Now if it has a bigger screen or some crap gloss coat for the idiots looking for a “sexy” phone then maybe it would pick up alot of attention.

    Personally I like the G1 and welcome updates to Android more than anything.

  4. t-zones? Didn’t T-Mo phase that out for web2go already? Anyway seems pretty fake.

  5. All press releases come in the MSPaint default font. Fact.

  6. The number one reason you know this is fake is because the word “Google” doesn’t appear ANYWHERE in the product description and it appears EVERYWHERE in the G1 marketing campaign. This “document” doesn’t even credit Android to Google. In terms used by the great Mr. Jackson, it’s just more “B.S.” for the “crap-o-meter”.

    Happy holidays to my fellow droids! Cheers, -Jonathan

  7. 2 items on that list make me call fake on this one

    “Sync with PC” -android does not do that…

    “t-zones” -someone already pointed this out

  8. i hope ” G2 change the button menu ”
    i don’t like button .
    change to autohidden / or line button

    or 3D menu

  9. fake, the G1 isnt even anywhere near great for them to release a G2.
    we need updates, and im fine with my G1 right now :)

  10. @#5 Rich – Best. Reply. Ever.

    @”credible” source – FAIL

    @Rob – keep posting these articles…it is interesting and worth it for true PHANdroid boys.

  11. uhhh woww…obviously fake
    a long list of features where half don’t even need to be mentioned…
    ‘calculator’?? ‘calendar’?? ‘games’?? y would u include these things in a list of features, even the simplest of phones have these features lolsz u gotta be kidding me ‘tzones’?? the original g1 doesn’t have ‘tzones’ and besides that would be such a step backwards…I mean c’mon if u wanna come up w/a bogus story atleast know what you’re talking about first geez maann, how dumm cann u be??

  12. It will be great too have another g2 but right now .I’m happy with the first 1.Come cut the race and give us a flash player.

  13. Jo, it’s funny how people are so quick to say knock off’s or “inexpensive” or “not well manufactured” items come from parts of Asia, when most everything is developed out in the eastern parts of the world and everything comes out there first. It’s really impolite and very immature of you to post that kind of remark without knowing your facts.

  14. So where it to find,

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