Dec 3rd, 2008

Yesterday, a Gizmodo tipster wrote in to tell a G1 nightmare story. He was an American travelling to Europe and called T-Mobile in advance to arrange for international calling and texting while overseas. He was told that roaming would cost $10/MB and told not accessing the Internet would be best and as a precaution, he turned off roaming, data sync and 3G. Have a nice trip!

Not so fast. He was horrified to learn that during his trip he accrued over $100 in fees. But he didn’t even access the mobile web? He was charged approx $.15 every 3-7 minutes on average and according to the article it was “almost as if the phone is pinging.”

Could this be from applications that check and alert you to updates, for example the “Homes For Sale” finder or the “Woot Checker”? Did T-Mobile refund this poor guy his money back? We want some answers!

In the meantime, we suggest you keep your G1 in your country of origin and hopefully some folks will share their own G1 travelling/roaming experiences here!

[Via Gizmodo]

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