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Oneof the coolest games on Android right now is a little game called Amazed developed by Hands-On Mobile. Its kind of like a less complex, 2D version of Marble Madness from back in the day, but the only way to control the marble is by tilting the screen and letting “virtual gravity” roll the ball to its destinatio.

The application was written by Jason Tomlinson and not only is it free on the Android Market right now, but it was also open sourced and the code is available on apps-for-android. Jason took a few minutes on the Android Developers Blog to talk about the game, using the accelerometer and the Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile game for Android which is in development now.

Pretty good stuff. We’ll be looking out for big things from Hands-On Mobile when paid applications and games become available in January.

[Via ADB]

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  1. Cool! but is that a case on his G1 or did he get a custom color?

  2. It’s just the T-mobile Brown color… no?

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