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Regular readers of phandroid and AndroidForums members are probably wondering WTF and we’ll tell you – a little data center issue yanked the sites off the web for a full day and we’re just now trying to get back in the groove of things. Rather than make post after post of yesterdays news, we’re bringing you the Android Roundup – MIA Edition:

Android Has Multi-Touch
Remember that article about the G1 having multi-touch capabilities that were supressed on the OS level? Well seeing it in writing and code are one thing but seeing it in video is another:

zzzPhone Android Phone
The second ever Android Phone has been launched and it has two horrendous problems right off the bat: (1) The “zzz” makes me think of snoring and complete boredom, and (2) the website helps me remember geocities and makes me think I shouldn’t ever buy anything from the website. Nonetheless, they are selling now… hopefully they invested more in R&D than web development:

PhoneFusion Visual Voicemail Available
Android’s first Visual Voicemail application is available on the Android Market and its called Phone Fusion Voicemail Plus. Gizmodo did a quick write up of the application so head over there for the details.

Opera Mini Browser Now on Android
Google’s own browser is no longer the only option for browsing the web from your G1 and future Android Phones as the Opera MIni Mobile Browser is now available on the Android Market. Here is a video showing it in use:

White T-Mobile G1 Hits Stores!
While the Black and Bronze T-Mobile G1s are now in abundance across the States, the White T-Mobile G1 has just started hitting retail stores. Everyone seems to like things that are short in supply and anyone snagging a White G1 is sure to amplify the intensity of iDiots saying the G1 is somehow an iPhone knockoff. Let the games begin! (BGR)

HTC to Sell 1,000,000 T-Mobile G1s By Year End
Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, is now predicting that illion G1HTC will sell over a m units before the holiday shopping season is over (reported by DigiTimes). Initial numbers projected have jumped around but 1 million units would NOT be shabby at all. Like the Android Rap Song says… a-million-here, a-million-there, Android Phones on every continent, manufacturer and carrier.

And that’s all folks… keep an eye out for a few big things in the next couple weeks! And hopefully (fingers crossed) no “data center” issues. Thanks for your patience with the downtime!

Rob Jackson
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  1. You guys should crash for a day more often if all this stuff can happen while you’re down!

  2. Haha… thanks for the suggestion. We’ll take your advice on Thursday.

    Thanksgiving… mmmmm… Turkey…..
    /homer simpson voice

  3. Missed you guys….welcome back.

  4. That zzzPhone sure sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anyone who has ever seen one of these things and the website looks awful suspicious. REALLY hope it turns out to be the real deal though. Being able to custom order a phone built with the components you want and use it on the carrier of your choice? If it’s real, sign me up!

  5. I looked at zzzPhone web site. I’m pretty sure that is a scam. The reason why I believe it’s a scam are:
    – on check-out page when sending credit card data they are using http and not secure https.
    – if they really want to sell phone, then it would also appear at least at ebay or at amazon. Nevertheless on zzzPhone web page there are images of ebay and amazon

  6. The zzzPhone has to be someones joke. If you click on “Buy your zzzPhone now!”, one of the options is 14 imitation diamonds on a plastic case. It may just be me being skeptical, but I’m pretty sure their target audience isn’t 12-year-old girls. Especially not ones with an extra $200 to spare on glam. But still, it made me laugh.

  7. Good to see you guys back up. Say… do you use any Uptime Monitoring services?

  8. Is that zzzPhone legit, I wouldn’t dare buy anything from there. It looks like a fly-by-night site that will scam your cash and run :-(

  9. zzzhone has to be fake.

  10. I sent the Customer Service an email and courteously told them their site needed drastic improvement to be valued as legit to many. Below is my response:

    Customer Relations and Tech Support Director to me
    show details 11:26 AM (2 minutes ago)


    Thank you for your inquiry. We will review your inquiry and respond within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest,

    Don’t touch that dial… i will let you know if they reply!




  12. I hope this site is legit as well. I have done some searches and found phone reviews made by zzzphone but not the android version. It actually has all of the features that I have been waiting for in an Android phone. I just don’t know if I could own a phone called zzzphone. Everything else that everyone says also scares me away.

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