White T-Mobile G1 Delayed?


According to the guys at TMO News, who consistently churn out inside TMO info, the White T-Mobile G1 has been slightly delayed and probably won’t appear until AFTER Thanksgiving. Apparently its a paint chipping issue that is causing the delay… but me-thinks a Black Friday White G1 launch would work some wonders for TMO.

They say the Bronze/Brown G1 is in high demand and not currently available on MyT-Mobile but should make a return on November 24th while the Black G1 is on online backorder.

So there ya go, some colorful weekend news to fill in your Android gaps. Which begs the question… how many people are eagerly awaiting the White T-Mobile G1?

[Via TMO News, Engadget]

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  1. Plenty of white SKU’s in the UK…

  2. My friend has the white and its awful gets dirty fast and you can seee the scratches as well as chipping I felt bad for her but then again she got it freaking free vs us in the usa… urgh

  3. i just orderd mine the colour doenst really matter, i just cant wait for it. i also got it for free i work for the company

  4. White g1 is available as of yesterday. Just ordered mine with customer care…and the white ones are not on backorder!

  5. [quote]i just orderd mine the colour doenst really matter, i just cant wait for it. i also got it for free i work for the company[/quote]

    unfortunately, the employees in the states do not get them for free. we can’t even pay for them as t-mobile reserved all the ones that were available for the customers. however, by your grammar and spelling, you must be from the u.k. i can see how they would give you a free g1 (as you work with us at t-mobile) to compensate you for the education and training that you were cheated out of…

  6. HAHAHAHA! Good stuff.

    Anyways, I’m anxiously awaiting my white G1!

  7. To be honest the black one looks kind of ugly.
    The white one is so much better.

  8. i really wont one were do u get them from ?

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