Nov 7th, 2008

In the very early morning, it appears AndroidForum members first reported their G1’s being updated with the newest Android Over-The-Air update. It patches the apparent “jailbreaking” bypass that the current OS allows which allowed l33t h4x0rz to tap directly into the Android OS at the root level.

While it took most folks a long and varied amount of time to receive their RC29 updates, we’re guessing T-Mobile and Goog will be much more diligent in updating your Androids considering the nature of the update. How selfish!

It appears that US based G1 devices begin with TC4 while UK devices start with TC5. While our American Android’s new code reflect the RC30 change, we’re unsure what the structure of the United Kingdom update is. One AF user reported their current OS at “1.0 TC5-RC7 112931”.

When your G1 is able to be updated, you should receive a status notifcation that asks you if you would like to update now or later. Then you see an arrow pointing to a microchip to signify the update. Personally, I’m still on RC19 and T-Mobile hasn’t been polite enough to request my presence at the update party. I feel left out.

[Via Android Forums]