Oct 27th, 2008

What did the bird say when it flew into Wal-Mart looking for a T-Mobile G1? Cheap, cheap, cheap! Rumor has it that starting on November 24th, Wal-Mart will be offering the T-Mobile G1 for over $30 dollars off the price you’ll find at T-Mobile stores. That’s right… $179.99 at Magenta and $148.88 at Wallies… for a savings of $31.11.

That would be an interesting scenario, but how legit are the rumors? You’ll have to ask EngadgetMobile who got the news by way of anonymous tipster. The only evidence – if its supposed to be evidence – is the photograph that comes with the story:

Wal-Mart clipboards on one side and T-Mobile G1 stuff on the other. I’m not sure how strong this evidence is… if I stuck some Taco Bell clipboards besides a Mercedes Benz does it mean that…

Alright, alright… terrible example. Point being, file it in the rumors-only category for now. We wouldn’t be surprised if it wound up true but lets not jump to any conclusions, afterall, $30+ does sound like a pretty deep discount for an almost brand new phone.

[Via Engadget]