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Yesterday we found out that Android Market had fewer Apps than the iPhone App Store after its first 24 hours. Not a HUGE discovery because we know that plenty of new applications are on the way… but exactly wihch ones? Curiousity is in the air as G1 owners and Android enthusiasts wonder what they have to look forward to.

Well, with the help of a phandroid reader (Thanks Craig!) we’ve uncovered some information you’ll be pretty happy about. Iambic – the company behind a boat load of productivity applications for virtually all other mobile OS platforms – is porting their goods over to Android.

Directly from the Iambic support forums, we found the following comment from an Iambic team member:

I know our engineering team has already been working on porting over some of our smaller apps to Android, so I think it’s a safe bet that Agendus will follow. I would definitely look for some stable devices first though.

Iambic has a TON of productivity apps that would make great Android applications. For example, a quick glance at their Palm OS applications page shows dozens and dozens of applications that would find a nice home on the Android Market. MOST of these applications are paid though, so one would assume they would come out in early 2009 when the Android Market supports paid applications.

They could, of course, sell their APK files directly through their own website or go through a third party like MobiHand or Handango who are launching paid Android App Stores before even Google themselves.

The most popular of Iambic’s applications is Agendus which our buddy Craig graciously summarized:

Agendus is “a feature-rich replacement for the built-in calendar apps that come with PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices.  They add several additional calendar views, the ability to sort entries by category, the addition of icons to visually tag events, etc..  With Agendus you can take a look at the week view of your calendar and see at a glance by the icons and color coding on the bars what type of events you have in the coming week.”

Craig also took the liberty of contacting the folks at eReader.com who provide eBook reading software and actual books for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm Treo & Centro and Symbian platforms. Here is what an eReader representative had to say:

We are working on an Android port now but we are not far enough along
to be able to give a firm date. We’re hoping for early 2009. Our
blackberry port is also in progress and we believe it will be released
this year, but software can be unpredictable; it will be released when
it is stable enough.”

Sounds pretty good! We’ll be looking forward to these applications hitting the market and will be sure to hook you guys up with reviews and information when they finally come out.

On a side note, I once again want to give a shout out to Craig who sent in this news tip and did a lot of the legwork that made writing this article so easy. When asked if he had a website I could link to or had any preference on how to “credit” him, I want you to take a listen to his response:

You don’t need to give me credit– I just want to get the word out and hopefully motivate others to contact mobile software developers and let them know the demand for Android versions of their apps.

Wow. What a refreshing point of view falling in line that fits right in there with the spirit of Android.

So what other applications do you guys know of that are on other platforms but are confirmed to be porting over to Android in the near future?

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