G1 Without Activation? Sure… (Unless You’ve Already Signed)


Remember the good ol’ days of hearing about the first iPhone to be used without activation (yeah, good ol’…er…)? Well, strap on your seat belts because It seems as though we’ve been hit with a “Groundhog Day” of sorts – with one small caveat – instead of the iPhone it’s the G1.

Loveforbiz has posted a step-by-step (seven, to be exact) how-to that fleshes out just how to use a fancy pants G1 without a voice or data contract. In fact, service isn’t even required. Materials needed: temporary use of a friend’s SIM card.

The sneaky author and his blog even purchased the G1 without contract – for $399. Although T-Mobile reps were told not to allow the sale of the new “merchandise” (big word for smooth, sleek, sexy handset) without a two year contract, it seems as though they’ve rebelled in the name of higher sales figures.

After the steps have been completed, a succesful sneakster will be able to get his/her Android on. Said user will be able to use most every application and service – at least, of course, those that don’t use EDGE/3G/Voice/Text services. That leaves WiFi as the sole option for connectivity, but some would argue that WiFi is all that’s needed (shh…can you hear “VOIP” in the background?).

So, what are you waiting for? Just be sure to be extra careful not to shoot yourself in the process.

[Via LoveForBiz]

Spencer Gardner
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  1. Well…
    I think that any phone would be quite useless without 3G.
    Only WiFi? Ungh… that´s so last year!

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