How To Download Non-Market Apps Like iTunes Remote


A week ago we told you about the iTunes Remote Control for Android and today we’re following it up with a video showing how to download applications that like IT – aren’t available on the Android Market. We also show you iTunes Remote working live.

Take a peek for yourself:

First of all, downloading an application that ISN’T in the Android Market is a breeze:

  • Go To Main Phone Settings
  • Touch Applications
  • Touch the first setting: Unknown Sources
  • Click OK to accept the warning that you’re responsible for anything getting messed up from using “unapproved” applications
  • Download an Android Application file directly from the web – they have a .APK extension
  • Run the file and Install the App

You’re DONE! Easy, right? Remember that you won’t be able to view the application from the Market Downloads but it will be available in your “pull-up” menu and you can add the icon to your desktop by long-pressing and selecting in “Applications”.

Now onto iTunes Remote Control:

  • Make sure WiFi is turned on and connected to your network
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the same WiFi network
  • Open up iTunes
  • Run the Application and let the WiFi/Libraries Sync
  • Choose your Music Library from those found
  • Bingo Bango – you’re in!

You can select songs by artist, song or even search your library. You can pause, play, fast forward/rewind and the app also pulls up album art and all that jazz. Its really good stuff. As long as you’re connected to the same WiFi connection you can control your iTunes remotely and almost instantaneously. Its pretty cool… although not sure exactly HOW often I would use it myself.

I only have 3 “complaints” about the application:

  1. You can’t change volume… or at least I couldn’t figure out how to
  2. There isn’t a dedicated button to go to the “song playing now”. You can get there with the back button but one extra accidental press and you’ve exited the application. I think it would be a nice addition.
  3. The “Menu” button doesn’t seem to be available on every screen in the app… only the main screen where your song is playing. I’d like to see it everywhere… and perhaps that can also house the apps home screen.

And on a final note, in the video I promise to hook you guys up to the YouTube of one of my now favorite artists: Ronald Jenkees. I’ll embed a few of my favorite tracks by him but you HAVE to check him out and at least give him 2-3 videos (watch the whole thing) before you make up your mind on this guy. He truly is a freakin’ maestro.

“Throwing Fire”
His most recent video. If you halucinated while playing MegaMan and Jay-Z had reproduced the music it would probably sound like this:

“Disorganized Fun”
One of my All-Time Favorites

“Remix To A Remix”
Ronald took one of his beats and put it behind a video of Malcolm Kelly, a football player on the Oklahoma Sooners, who did a freestyle rap in the locker room for a reporter… its just fun to watch:

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

SHAZAM! Awesome Music Recognition App!

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  1. To control iTunes remote volume, use the volume buttons on the side of your G1. :)

  2. Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Can’t believe I didn’t think to try that but I guess I thought of an application as being more UI based. When you actually consider your Android phone as BEING the remote, it makes a lot of sense.

  3. Bro, you straight got me hooked on Ronald Jenkees. This guy is ridiculous.

    And thanks for showing how easy it is to install these apps outside of the market.

  4. Got my very own G1 today. It rocks even more than I thought it would… and I was expecting a lot. However, the iTunes remote apk install isn’t working for me. Android system reports application install unsuccessful. :-(

  5. Dude, I thought I was going to throw up. Next video can you hold the phone a little more steady? Great video though, and thanks for the info.

  6. Hahhaha I can’t hold it any more steady, Allen. Be fortunate that I invested in a tripod to keep the camera mostly steady or it woulda been an even BIGGER disaster!

    It also could have something to do with the frame rate decrease when you upload to YouTube. I know some people are using Vimeo on the bigger tech blogs these days but at the moment I still prefer youtube.

    Thanks for the comment either way!

  7. I have a question, maybe I am just oblivious because I just got my G1 yesterday, but when I download the iTunes Remote from here, it downloads ‘Android System’ which when prompts to install, asks for access to EVERYTHING. I don’t get it. Any thoughts?

  8. “Me too” it looks great but that’s a show-stopper warning…

  9. Great application. I am always laying in bed and want to change the song with out getting up. I love it. This alone was worth getting the G1.

  10. Am I the only one who can’t do anything with APK files? I download them, click on them to Open them and then nothing happens…

  11. Same here nothing happens

  12. Hi, I just got my G1. I am trying to install the iTunes remote, but it is taking forever…Could it be because my library is so large? Also, I know ir says that you can download songs from your iTunes library to use as a ringer. It tells me to go to “Mass Storage,” but it doesn’t come up on the screen. What should I do?

  13. I can’t figure it out it’s so not working for me and can i listen to my songs from anywhere or do i have to be home???

  14. Hello, I am having the same problem as Kim, it says searching for network libraries, I have my library discoverable from settings on iTunes, connected to the same Wifi Network but it just continues to say searching, searching and nothing comes up…could it be because of a large Library?

  15. Hey all, just thought if you like this app then try out gmote, its free on the G1 market, android-approved (so you don’t have to worry about unofficial software) and it does more than this thing. you can browse all your music AND video files, and you dont need to leave iTunes open to use it. practically no lag time, and lets you browse files with almost no loading time (i have 5000+ files on the gmote server right now, just like browsing through “my documents”)

  16. I digg the remote. But prefer the gmote from the market. All you have to to is install the gmote server on your computer and you are good to go.

  17. Hi. I can’t get tunes remote to show up on my desktop. I did everything accordingly but it doesn’t work can you help me?

  18. I don’t get how to RUN THE I TUNES APP of let the WiFi/Libraries SYNC…I’m cOOL until I get to that point. PLeeeeeSE advise! Thx.

  19. how do I tell when the computer and the phone app are sync’d and HOW do the files download. I just don’t get it.

  20. is there a ‘tap tap revenge’ (non market app) that could be used for android? is there a way to put it on the android? i REALY NEED 2 KNOW THIS.its an addicting app that i have to have on my android.

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