T-Mobile G1 Unboxing Pictures


The inevitable G1 unboxing pictures have surfaced. While we would have preferred an unboxing video, all in good time… all in good time. Until then, these pics give us a nice little look at the box exterior, whats in the box and a closer look at the accessories and doohickies inside.

Props to TmoNews.com for scooping up the first unboxing! Great job guys.

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  1. Awesome… how much does it cost ? Google is planning to launch in india with Airtel. Report said it will be less than iPhone price in india.

  2. was $179 on preorder, required data plan addon, but you’d really want one with this phone anyway

  3. i have the iphone 3g right now, do you think this is better than the iphone 3g? and how is the keybord?

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