BestBuy To Carry T-Mobile G1


According to screenshots of BestBuy’s Inventory system, the big box retailer will begin selling the T-Mobile G1 on October 26th, 2008. This is a HUGE deal for a retailer who secured an exclusive on the Samsung Instinct and continues to make a heavy push into the mobile industry.

While October 26th is listed as the “In Stock” Date there is another date for “Street Date” which begs the question… can we have more details? All of this is stemming from spy shots aquired by BGR but we must say, they do look legit. And, with BestBuy’s recent mobile success we wouldn’t put it past them:

Three similar screen shots show that the T-Mobile G1 isn’t the only upcoming hardware BestBuy is getting their mitts on. Expect BestBuy to have the following this holiday season:

  • T-Mobile G1
  • Sony Ericsson C902 CyberShot
  • Palm Treo Pro (unlocked)
  • BlackBerry Pearl for T-Mobile (in red)

Awesome. But one last thing… the “Out Stock” date is December 31, 2011. We know its just a placeholder but its fun to stop and think for a second… how much further will the mobile industry go in 3 years? Exciting stuff!

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  1. wonder how much they are going to charge for it… not sure i believe the earlier $99 rumour, just seems implausible that it would be that much cheaper than going direct to tmo

  2. The street date is the date that the product can be sold while the in stock date is the date the item will be available in BestBuys inventory system

  3. That is a valid screen shot, however this does not give details that it WILL be carried in the stores. It is an indication that it will be carried By Best Buy Mobile, but it may be an online only deal. At this point in time we haven’t recieved enough information. I’ll try to keep you posted.

  4. Data shows that the street date has changed to 10-22 for both the Black and Brown versions, but the White one for whatever reason is showing the 26th. This could be another computer error, but word from the T-Mobile reps is that Best Buy should be carrying them in-store; more inventory for those in 3G markets, however those in non-3G markets may still get minimal supplies and more if the demand is there.

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