Sep 24th, 2008

The Brown T-Mobile G1’s were a rare breed yesterday but I pinned one down for a side by side comparison with the Black T-Mobile G1. Looking closely you could tell the difference but the brown is so dark that at first glance it looks just like the black version. When you open it up however, the QWERTY is a much lighter color that does indeed distinguish it a bit:

After listening to the dialog, I feel like a bit of a jerk. It sounds kind of like I’m “contending” the color thing and using the “color blind” thing to be a sarcastic jack ass. I do have trouble telling some colors apart… dark blues and black? I’m sure you’ve been there, too…. I’m not the only one! In any case, I was just observing in real time and thats what I thought.

The Brown was okay I suppose… I’m not a big fan myself but everybody has their own preference. I thought it was going to be a milk chocolate kind of brown which I thought would have been god awful. This is pretty classy, just not my thing.

I still think if you’re going to do a 3rd color you should go for something a bit more trendy and hip. Afterall, its pretty obvious that this phone is going to be marketed to a mass market type of audience. Why not a T-Mobile Magenta? Or a bright Orange? Do something fun with it! Afterall, this phone is supposed to be lively!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a few new colors sooner rather than later.

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