HTC G1: Internal SKU Leaked


The HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1, which is it? Apparently even the companies involved can’t decide. TMoNews got hold of a picture that the “tipper” claims is internal documents showing that the HTC G1 will come in Black, Brown and White as has been rumored before.

There really isn’t any “new” information here besides the perpetual name annoyance. But for those who aren’t factory workers or warehouse folks, SKU stands for Shop Keeping Unit and is used as a way of keeping track of inventory in a Supply Chain setting. So does this confirm that the first Android handset is really right around the corner?

We always have hare photoshop radar on and, if someone wanted to photoshop this, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult:

Photoshopped or not? We don’t like to be perpetual whistle blowers and lets face it – the guys at Tmo news have a helluva good track record and are correct more often than not. Whenever something is accused of being photoshopped it always makes me think of the following cartoon from xkcd:

[Via TMOnews]

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  1. @Jamie – saying that is fishy would be an understatement

    @SL – same as above. there are 2 “websites” at the bottom of that image…. one of them being which is a “coming soon” splash page for a company that does web graphics. fail. Although the image itself is pretty dope and I’d love for the phone to look like this.

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